I am an Assistant Professor in the school of EECS at Pennsylvania State University. I am looking for strongly-motivated PhD students.

My areas of interest include Wireless Networking, Mobile and Wearable Computing, Machine Learning with applications to Cyber Physical Systems, IoT and human behavioral sensing.

PhD Students


  • PI: NSF-2046972: CAREER: Sign-to-Speech: An Edge-IoT Platform and Software Library for Real Time Sign Language Recognition
  • PI: NSF-2333583: I-Corps: A smart ring for finger motion analytics and healthcare applications
  • PI: NSF-1909479: CNS Core: Small: Collaborative Research: A Motion Tracking Library for Sports Analytics using Wireless Sensors
  • PI: NSF-2008384: CNS Core: Small: Collaborative Research: IoTScope: Sensing Physical Materials via Inexpensive IoT Radios
  • Co-PI: NSF-1956276: CNS Core: Medium: When Next Generation Wireless Networks Meet Machine Learning
  • Co-PI: NSF-2211018: SHF: Medium: Exploring an Edge Platform Design Trajectory for Next Generation XR Applications

Selected Papers

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