For recent code, please see the software sections of and XPSGenomics.

A few years ago, I developed the following open-source software packages. I still respond to questions, but no longer actively maintain them.

  1. SNAP (Small-world Network Analysis and Partitioning) is a parallel framework for exploratory analysis of massive real-world networks.
  2. GTgraph is a suite of synthetic random graph generators.
  3. The SSCA Graph Analysis benchmark was designed as part of the High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) project to characterize performance of novel architectures and programming languages on graph-theoretic kernels.
  4. ParallelSSSP is a fast, parallel single-source shortest path implementation submitted to the 9th DIMACS Shortest Paths Challenge in 2007.
  5. HumanPINAnalysis is a set of analysis routines, data sets, and supplemental results collected during the topological analysis of a large-scale human protein interaction network.

I've contributed to the following software projects:

  1. MTGL (Multithreaded Graph Library) is a collection of graph algorithms and data structures that are optimized for large shared-memory multithreaded architectures.
  2. SWARM (SoftWare and Algorithms for Running on Multicore) is an open-source POSIX threads-based framework for parallel programming.
  3. cellbuzz is a collection of general-purpose and scientific libraries optimized for the Sony-Toshiba-IBM Cell processor.
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