Dan Kifer

Picture of Daniel Kifer (possibly not recent) Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Penn State
333W Westgate Building (formerly IST)
University Park, PA 16802

Fax: 814-865-7647

Research Interests

Literally everything. My recent projects include statistical privacy (e.g., differential privacy) and its interactions with software security, statistical inference, and numerical optimization. I have also been exploring deep learning algorithms and applications to the physical sciences as well as image processing. I have a particular interest in working with social science data, hence am a collaborator with the U.S. Census Bureau and am serving on the Committee for National Statistics (CNSTAT).


I am looking for PhD and Masters applicants for projects on statistical privacy. The type of skills that are useful in this area include applied math, probability, programming languages, and database systems.

Teaching (current courses)

CMPSC/DS 410: Programming Models for Big Data (there are TA opportunities for Masters students with experience in Hadoop and Spark)


The list below is out of date. Fortunately, Google Scholar and DBLP have updated lists.

Old Publications

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