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INSPIRE: Symmetry Group-based Regularity Perception in Human and Computer Vision

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Four Gold-medalist

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(Taiji Sword other-style, Taiji Quan mixed-form, Taiji Quan 24-form, Team-Weapon) at The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship 2012




Curved Glide-Reflection Symmetry Detection
Seungkyu Lee and Yanxi Liu
The IEEE Transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (
TPAMI), February 2012
Volume 34, Number 2, Pages 266-278
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Local Expert Forest of Score Fusion for Video Event Classification

Jingchen Liu, Scott McCloskey and Yanxi Liu.

European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), pages 1-14.



Statistical Asymmetry-based Brain Tumor Segmentation from 3D MR Images

Chenping Yu, Guilherme C. S. Ruppert, Dan T. D. Nguyen, Alexandre X. Falcao, and Yanxi Liu.

5th international joint conference on biomedical engineering systems and technologies, 2012.


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Theoretical, Computational and Experimental Regularity on Interdisciplinary, Large Data Sets

(CSE 598D, 2-5pm W, Leonhard 101, #schedule = 946924)

This is a course on computational methods for real world digital data, that is across scale, modality and application domains. We aim at automatic pattern discovery, comparison and learning. The content is based on a unique combination of group theory, statistical learning theory, and human/animal perception,  with an emphasis on discovering visually appealing patterns automatically and hands-on trainings on large data sets.

A related course taught last fall: COMPUTATIONAL REGULARITY

Course content will also be drawn from a successful US NSF and NSFC supported summer school on Vision, Learning and Pattern Recognition (VLPR 2012) with a theme of “Computer Vision in Biomedical Image Applications”

This course will not be offered again before 2015.


Computer Graphics (undergraduate/graduate level, CMPSC 458 4:15-5:30pm TR)


Spring 2012


Pattern Recognition: Principles and Applications (Graduate Level)

                  Book: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher M. Bishop

CSE 583/EE 552 of Spring 2012

Location: 222 IST

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:45 PM. Tentative syllabus.




      PI and Director

 Vision, Learning, and Pattern Recognition Summer School in Shanghai

(VLPR 2012).

Sponsors: US NSF, NSFC, Fudan University, Industry sponsors.


Workshop Chair

the 11th Asian Conference on Computer Vision ACCV 2012