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  • Ph.D. Students Advised
  • Current Ph.D. Students
    • Frank Capobianco, Aditya Basu, Yu Tsung (Eddy) Lee
  • Past Masters and Bachelors Thesis Advisees
    • Craig Suchanec, B.S., CMPSC, Schreyer Honors College, Fall 2006
      Vikhyath Rao, M.S., EE, Fall 2007 (co-advised with Ken Jenkins, EE)
      Albert Tannous, M.S., CSE, Spring 2008
      Chandrika Gopalakrishna, M.S., CSE, Spring 2008 (co-advised with Jim Jansen, IST)
      Radhesh Kamath, M.S., CSE, Summer 2008
      Yogesh Sreenivasan, M.S., CSE, Summer 2008
      Mohamed Hassan, M.S., CSE, Summer 2008
      Anuj Sawani, M.S., EE, Summer 2008 (co-advised with George Kesidis, EE)
      Dhivarkar Mani, M.S., CSE, Spring 2009
      Christopher Shal, B.S. and M.S., CMPSC and CSE, Spring 2009
      Vikhyath Rao, M.S., CSE, Fall 2009
      Guruprasad Jakka, M.S., CSE, Summer 2010
      David Schmidt, M.S., CSE, Summer 2013
      Adam Bergstein, M.S., CSE, Summer 2014
      Caleb Severn, M.S.E., CSE, Winter 2015
      Taylor Loz, B.S., CMPSC, Spring 2017
      Nirupama Talele, M.S., CSE, Fall 2017
      Kushal Dayananda, M.S.E., CSE, Summer 2018
      Mihir Gorecha, M.S.E., CSE, Summer 2018