Below is the calendar for this semester course. This is the preliminary schedule, which will be altered as the semester progresses. It is the responsibility of the students to frequently check this web-page for schedule, readings, and assignment changes. As the professor, I will attempt to announce any change to the class, but this web-page should be viewed as authoritative. If you have any questions, please contact me (contact information is available at the course homepage).

Readings for Discussion
(do readings before class)
01/08/13 Introduction
Course syllabus. link
Candidate Papers. link
01/15/13 Haya's Story
(Trent) Dune: Safe User-level Access to Privileged CPU Features, OSDI 2012. link
(Devin) Dissent in Numbers: Making Strong Anonymity Scale, OSDI 2012 link
01/22/13 Divya's Story
(Nirupama) kGuard: Lightweight Kernel Protection against Return-to-user Attacks, USENIX Security 2012. link
(Yuqiong) Policy-Sealed Data: A New Abstraction for Building Trusted Cloud Services, USENIX Security 2012. link
01/29/13 Devin's Story
(Xinyang) Improving Integer Security for Systems with KINT, OSDI 2012. link
(Abdulrahman) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Machine: Protecting Privacy with Ephemeral Channels, OSDI 2012. link
02/05/13 Nirupama's Story
(Matt) Tracking Rootkit Footprints with a Practical Memory Analysis System, USENIX Security 2012. link
02/12/13 Yuqiong's Story
(Trent) FlowFox: a Web Browser with Flexible and Precise Information Flow Control, CCS 2012. link
(Nirupama) Hails: Protecting Data Privacy in Untrusted Web Applications, OSDI 2012. link
02/19/13 Matt's Story
(Abdulrahman) Using Replicated Execution for a More Secure and Reliable Web Browser, NDSS 2012. link
(Xinyang) Unleashing MAYHEM on Binary Code, Oakland 2012. link
02/26/13 Xinyang's Story
(Yuqiong) Pasture: Secure Offline Data Access Using Commodity Trusted Hardware, OSDI 2012. link
(Matt) Towards Taming Privilege-Escalation Attacks on Android, NDSS 2012. link
03/05/13 Spring Break - No class
03/12/13 Abdul's Story
(Trent) Safe Loading - A Foundation for Secure Execution of Untrusted Programs, Oakland 2012. link
(Yuqiong) Vigilare: Toward Snoop-based Kernel Integrity Monitor, CCS 2012. link
03/19/13 Guest: Mahesh Tripunitara
An Attack- and a Defence-mechanism in the Context of Hardware Security link
03/26/13 Yuqiong's Project
(Trent) Fuzzing with Code Fragments, CCS 2012. link
(Abdulrahman) Building Verifiable Trusted Path on Commodity x86 Computers, Oakland 2012. link
04/02/13 Nirupama's Project
(Xinyang) An Evaluation of the Google Chrome Extension Security Architecture, USENIX Security 2012. link
(Matt) Sharing Mobile Code Securely With Information Flow Control, Oakland 2012. link
04/09/13 Abdul's Project
(Nirupama) Space Traveling across VM: Automatically Bridging the Semantic Gap in Virtual Machine Introspection via Online Kernel Data Redirection, Oakland 2012. link
(Xinyang) ILR: Where'd My Gadgets Go? Oakland 2012. link
04/16/13 Matt's Project
(Nirupama) Fides: Selectively Hardening Software Application Components against Kernel-level or Process-level Malware, CCS 2012. link
(Abdulrahman) Adaptive Defenses for Commodity Software through Virtual Application Partitioning, CCS 2012. link
04/23/13 Xinyang's Project
(Yuqiong) Performance Isolation and Fairness for Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage, OSDI 2012. link
(Matt) Memento: Learning Secrets from Process Footprints link