CSE598G Vision-Based Tracking
CSE Department, Penn State University
Instructor: Robert Collins
Spring 2006

Schedule: Tues 1:00-2:15 IST 223B, Thurs 1:00-2:15 IST 333

Course Introduction
01/12 Collins Impromptu overview based on syllabus .
Lucas-Kanade Method
01/17 Collins Template matching, warps, and Lucas-Kanade.   [slides]   [6 per page]
01/19 Merritt Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: A Unifying Framework: Part 1, Baker and Matthews.
01/24 Collins More on Lucas-Kanade. Background alignment.   [slides]   [6 per page]
Bob's demo code, rotation+trans LK.   [zip file]
some test data sequences (big).   [sequence11]   [sequence15]
Baker and Matthews Matlab source code for LK20 Part 1
Mean-Shift Algorithm
01/26 Collins Introduction to Mean-Shift.   [slides]   [6 per page]
01/31 Gibbs Camshift paper, Gary Bradski, Intel
01/31 Lee EM-like Mean-shift paper, Zivkovic and Krose, CVPR2004
02/02 Collins More on Mean-Shift derivation.   [slides]   [6 per page]
  02/07 bleeding edge discussion: relationship of mean-shift to lucas-kanade?
Multiple Kernel Tracking with SSD, Hager etal, CVPR 2004
Real-time Kernel-based Tracking in Joint Feature-Spatial Space, Yang etal, UMd TR, 2004
Probabilistic Tracking in Joint Feature-Spatial Space, Elgammal etal, CVPR 2003
  02/09 bleeding edge discussion: relationship of mean-shift to expectation-maximization?
Mean Shift is a Bound Optimization, Fashing and Tomasi, PAMI 2005
Expectation-Maximization as Lower Bound Maximization, Tom Minka, tutorial
The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, Frank Dellaert, Tech Report (based on Minka)
02/14 Collins Mean-shift Blob Tracking through Scale Space, CVPR 2003.   [slides]   [6 per page]
Classification-based Tracking
02/16 Collins On-line Selection of Discriminative Tracking Features, PAMI 2005.   [slides]   [6 per page]
02/23 Deliman Ensemble Tracking, Shai Avidan, CVPR 2005.
Layer Tracking
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Particle Filtering
03/21 Collins Introduction to Filtering   [slides]   [6 per page]
03/23 A Tutorial on Particle Filters..., Arulampalam, et.al. IEEE Trans Sig Proc 2002.
03/28 more discussion of particle filtering tutorial
03/30 Erdley Condensation - conditional density propagation for visual tracking Isard and Blake, 1998
Michel Color-based Probabilistic Tracking Perez et.al. 2002
Tracking Multiple Objects
04/04 Collins Intro to Data Association methods (eg.gating,NN,PDAF...)   [slides]   [6 per page]
04/06 **Class Cancelled**
04/11 Collins Multiobject Data Association (eg. JPDAF, MHT)
04/13 JPDAF and Exclusion Principle
Park Probabilistic Data Association Methods... Rasmussen and Hager, PAMI 2001.
Yin A Probabilistic Exclusion Principle... MacCormick and Blake, IJCV 2000.
04/18 Multi Hypothesis Tracking (MHT)
Anupama An Efficient Implementation of Reid's MHT Algorithm ... Cox and Hingorani, PAMI 1996.
Gibbs Reformulating Reid's MHT Method... Danchick and Newman, Feb 2006.
04/20 Tracking interacting objects
Deliman MCMC-based Particle Filtering...Khan, Balch & Dellaert, PAMI 2005.
Lee Tracking Dynamic Near-regular Textures... Lin and Liu, ECCV 2006