CSE598C Vision-Based Tracking
CSE Department, Penn State University
Instructor: Robert Collins
Fall 2012

Schedule: MWF 10:10-11:00, Willard 370

Fall 2012 Syllabus
Bayesian Filtering
Aug 27 Collins Course Overview and Intro to Bayesian Analysis [Lecture Notes]
background material: [completing the square]
[Homework 1] Due Wed Sep 5 in Angel
Sep 03 Collins Derivation of Bayesian Filtering [Lecture Notes]
Sep 10 Collins Specialization to Kalman Filtering [Lecture Notes]
Sep 21 Collins Introduction to Particle Filtering [Lecture Notes]
Oct 5 Collins How and Why SIR Particle Filtering Fails [Lecture Notes]
background reading: Particle filtering tutorial by Arulampulam et.al.
Project 1 Project 1 ideas
simple particle filter, sample code
Soccer dataset [600MB]
Soccer ground truth boxes
Soccer background image for background subtraction
DAF "orphan" chapter on Particle Filtering
Appearance-Based Tracking
Oct 10 Collins Introduction to Lucas-Kanade (Template Tracking) [Lecture Notes]
Oct 15 Collins Lucas-Kanade derivation, continued [Lecture Notes]
Bob's demo code, rotation+trans LK.   [zip file]
some test data sequences (big).   [sequence11]   [sequence15]
Oct 19 Collins Introduction to Mean Shift [Lecture Notes]
Oct 22 Collins Mean Shift continued [Lecture Notes]
Oct 26 Collins Mean Shift and Color Histograms [Lecture Notes]
Oct 31 Collins Mean Shift in Scale Space [Lecture Notes]
Nov 2 Collins Adaptive Appearance Models and Classification [Lecture Notes]
Tracking Multiple Objects
Nov 7 Collins Intro to Data Association methods (eg.gating,NN,PDAF...)   [slides]
Nov 12 Collins Data Association continued (eg. JPDAF, MHT...)   [slides]
Nov 14 Collins Data Association as Combinatorial Optimization   [slides]
Crowd Scene Analysis
Nov 26 Collins Motion/Blob Detection   [slides]
Nov 28 Collins Crowd Counting   [slides]
Nov 30 Collins Crowd Behavior / Social Forces   [slides]
Student Presentations
Dec 03 Yang Lin Stable Multitarget Tracking in Real-time Surveillance Video
Piyush Zambad Robust visual tracking using L1 minimization
Gang Zheng tba
Dec 05 Ravi Chaudhary Tracking People in Broadcast Sports
Tania Sekhon Efficient Extraction of Human Motion Volumes by Tracking
Jerin Miller Efficient Visual Object Tracking with Online Nearest Neighbor Classifier
Dec 07 Adam Nedorezov Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter for Partially Unresolved Target Groups
Akshay Virdhe Multi-Target Tracking by Online Learned Discriminative Appearance Models
Robert Sorbello An Overview of Automatic Event Detection in Soccer Matches
Dec 10 Zhaohui Wu Improving Multi-target Tracking via Social Grouping
Chen Cheng Discrete-Continuous Optimization for Multi-Target Tracking
Freddy Galindo Identifying Players in Broadcast Sports Videos using Conditional Random Fields
Dec 12 Jinhyun So Multi-Target Tracking and Segmentation via Discriminative Appearance Model
Li Xiao Real-time High-Density People Counter using Morphological Tools
Nurali Virani tba
Dec 14 Divya Ganti tba
Shasha Lu Real-time estimation of human attention field in LWIR and color surveillance videos