Principal Investigator
Mehrdad Mahdavi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Students
Yuyang Deng
PhD Student
Research: Learning from Heterogeneous Data Sources

Pouria Mahdavinia
PhD Student
Research: Federated Learning

Guneykan Ozgul
PhD Student
Research: Quantum Machine Learning
Co-advisor: Chunhao Wang

Master Students
Brandon Edmunds
MSc Student
Research: Privacy at Scale

Undergraduate Students
John Doe
BSc Student
Research: XXX

Jane Doe
BSc Student
Jane Doe
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Weilin Cong
PhD 2023
Research: Graph Neural Networks

Mohammad Mahdi Kamani
PhD 2020
Thesis: Fairness/Bias Mitigation
Co-advisor: James Wang
Farzin Haddadpour
PhD 2020
Thesis: Distributed Optimization
Co-advisor: Viveck Cadambe

Sponsors & Fundings

Thanks to following sponsors for supporting our research:

Join Us

We are looking for talented/motivated PhD students to work on theoretical and applied problems in machine learning/optimization. If you are interested, please contact Mehrdad Mahdavi. Also, if you are an existing graduate or under-graduate student at PSU and would like to work with us, feel free to send me an e-mail to meet up and discuss some ongoing research projects.