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John (Jack) Sampson

Associate Professor

Contact information:
Email - jms1257 [at] psu.edu
Office - W324 Westgate Building
    University Park, PA 16802
Phone - Ext. 57496
CSE Department, School of EECS, College of Engineering, PSU

Status: (Last Updated SP 2023)
Associate Professor at Penn State since July, 2019
Assistant Professor at Penn State August, 2013 - June, 2019
Office Hours for SP 2023: Tu/Th 10:45-noon
µBio: PhD, Computer Science (Computer Engineering) UCSD, 2010; BS, EECS, UC Berkeley, 2002
Artifacts and Notables Summary: Cites: 4040; H-index: 31 (via Google Scholar @ Feb 6th, 2023)
Conference Proceedings (DBLP count): 77 - DBLP link
Journals and other Periodicals (DBLP count): 26 - DBLP Link

Awards and Honors

NAS 2021 Best Architecture Track Paper: Govindaraj, et al. "PowerPrep: A power management proposal for user-facing datacenter workloads" [C73]

ASP-DAC 2017 Best Paper: Ma, et al. "Spendthrift: Machine Learning Based Resource and Frequency Scaling for Ambient Energy Harvesting Nonvolatile Processors" [C47]

IEEE TMSCS 2017 Best Paper: Tsai, et al. "Enabling New Computation Paradigms with HyperFET - an Emerging Device" [J6]

IEEE Micro Magazine Top Picks from the 2015 Computer Architecture Conferences: Ma, et al. "Nonvolatile Processor Architectures: Efficient, Reliable Progress with Unstable Power" [J8]

HPCA 2015 Best Paper: Ma, et al. "Architecture Exploration for Ambient Energy Harvesting Nonvolatile Processors" [C28]

Dorothy Quiggle Faculty Development Assistant Professorship: 2013-2016

Currently (SP/23) teaching: CMPEN 431 (Undergraduate Computer Architecture)
Active research keywords: Computer Architecture, Emerging Devices, Energy-efficiency, Memory Specialization, Non-Volatile Processors, Event-based sparse computations, Post-Dennard Architectures


General/Random Links

October, 2022 Our paper, An architecture interface and offload model for low-overhead, near-data, distributed accelerators, was presented at MICRO 2022.

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