Welcome to the page of Security and Programming Language (SePL) seminars! This is a venue for related PSU faculty and students to discuss interesting papers (like a reading group), present preliminary research results, and give practice talks. Outside visitors can also use this venue to present all things related to security or programming-language research.

We have a SePl mailing list. If you are at Penn State, then you are welcome to join the mailing list to get the latest talk announcments.

Please send emails to "gtan at cse dot psu dot edu" to schdule seminars or discuss possible topics.

Fall 2016

In the fall of 2016, SePL seminars will be in room IST 333 (other than Nov 2nd) from 11:30am to 12:30pm. We plan to have the seminar every other week.
Date Presenter Abstract
9/7 Robert Brotzman Smith Rob will discuss a couple of papers on side channel mitigation:
9/21 Xing Liu Xing will present his paper about "Alde: Privacy Risk Analysis of Analytics Libraries in the Android Ecosystem"
10/5 Nirupama Talele Nirupama will discuss papers and her research on the topic of authorization hook placement, which is about automatically retrofitting programs to add authorization checks.
11/2 Sencun Zhu In IST 222 on the topic of "Mobile App Rating Manipulation: Characteristics and Detection".
11/16 Peixuan Li Peixuan will discuss her recent work on information-flow analysis based on dependent types.
11/30 Yuqiong Sun

Spring 2016

In the spring of 2016, SePL seminars will be in room IST 333 from 12pm to 1pm. It is organized as a brown-bag lunch series. We plan to have the seminar every other week.
Date Presenter Abstract
1/25 Gang Tan Dr. Tan will give an overview about the research activities in his research group. In addition, he will discuss two research papers in the area of information leakge quantification.
2/22 Danfeng Zhang Dr. Zhang will give an overview about his past research on SHErrLoc, a general error localization method. Moreover, he will present some planned research projects.
3/7 Hridesh Rajan (Iowa State) Dr. Rajan will give a talk with Title "Why Modularity Matters: Achieving Modular Reasoning about Concurrent Programs and its Implications".
3/14 Xinyang Ge Xinyang will give a practice talk of his upcoming Euro S&P paper about "Fine-Grained Control-Flow Integrity for Kernel Software".
3/28 Minghui Zhu Dr. Zhu will discuss his recent research on control theoretic adaptive cyber defense for cyber-physical systems and information systems.
4/4 Adam Smith Dr. Smith will give an introduction to differential privacy.
4/13 Patrick McDaniel Dr. McDaniel will present a talk with title "Eight Years of Mobile Smartphone Security".