Prof. George Kesidis

CSE and EE Depts

W367 Westgate Building, CSE Dept

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA, 16802, USA


Email: gik2 at psu dot edu

Phone: 814-865-9190



Ph.D. (1992 – Networking and Performance Evaluation) in EECS, University of California at Berkeley – advisor: Jean Walrand

M.S. (1990 – Machine Learning and Stochastic Optimization) in EECS, U.C. Berkeley - advisor: Eugene Wong

B.A.Sc. (1988) in Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada



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Book on secure and robust neural networks:

D.J. Miller, Z. Xiang, G. Kesidis. Adversarial Learning and Secure AI. Cambridge University Press, 2023.


Active Research Projects:


Adversarial AI – recent papers


NSF CPS: Clustering, Auto-Encoding, and Generative Modelling of 3D Object Representations for Manufacturing.

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), D.J. Miller (co-PI)


NSF CNS: Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Medium: Rethinking Multi-User VR - Jointly Optimized Representation, Caching and Transport

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), S. Fahmy (Purdue PI) and V. Popescu (Purdue co-PI), G. de Veciana (UT Austin PI)


Cisco Systems Ltd Gift: Adversarial Learning Towards a Comprehensive Framework to Secure Deep Learning.

G. Kesidis (PI), D.J. Miller (co-PI)


NSF CNS: Principled Methodologies and Systems Support for Automated Cost-Effective Service Blending in the Emerging Public Cloud

B. Urgaonkar (PI), G. Kesidis and M. Kandemir (co-PIs)


Completed Research Projects:


Facebook Research Award:  Virtual Reality Support at the Edge Cloud

S. Fahmy & V. Popescu (Purdue), G. Kesidis


NSF CCF: Cross-layer Design for Cost-Effective HPC in the Cloud

M. Kandemir (PI), G. Kesidis and B. Urgaonkar (co-PIs)


Navy ROTC Projects on Cyber Security: Adversarial AI/ML

G. Kesidis and D.J. Miller (PIs)


Cisco Systems Ltd Gift: Online Active Learning for Classification and Zero-Day Exploit Discovery in Large-Scale Datasets.

G. Kesidis (PI), D.J. Miller (co-PI)


AFOSR DDDAS: Adversarial Learning & Active Learning.

D.J. Miller (PI), G. Kesidis (co-PI)


NSF CSR: Using Burstable Instances For Cost-Effective Tenant Orchestration in the Public Cloud.

B. Urgaonkar (PI), G. Kesidis (co-PI)


DARPA XD3: Democratizing DDoS Defense using Secure Indirection Networks.

G. Kesidis (PSU co-PI), A. Stavrou (PI) and D. Fleck


NSF NeTS: Competition, Neutrality and Service Quality in Cellular Wireless Access.

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), in collaboration with S. Sarkar of U. Penn.


Cisco Systems Gift: Low-latency detection of networks with fast-flux both in IP address proxies and in domain names. 

G. Kesidis (PI) and D.J. Miller (co-PI)


NSF SaTC TWC: Towards Securing Coupled Financial and Power Systems in the Next Generation Smart Grid.

G. Kesidis (PSU PI) and D.J. Miller (PSU co-PI); K. Levitt, J. Rowe, D. Raphson, J. Bushnell, A. Scaglioni  (UC Davis PI and co-PIs)


Cisco System Ltd URP: Unsupervised flow-level clustering in network routers for anomaly detection.

D.J. Miller (PI) and G. Kesidis (co-PI)


NSF NeTS: Collaborative Research: Inter-provider dynamics in neutral and non-neutral networks.

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), in collaboration with S. Sarkar of U. Penn.


NSF EAGER:  GENI Experiments to Explore Adoption of New Security Services.

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), K. Levitt, J. Rowe and S.F. Wu (U.C. Davis PI and co-PIs).


NSF NeTS: Collaborative Research: Supporting unstructured peer-to-peer social networking

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), in collaboration with G. de Veciana of U.T. Austin.


NSF NetSE: Unsupervised flow-based clustering

G. Kesidis (PI) and D.J. Miller (co-PI)


Cisco Ltd URP: Per-flow state management in Internet routers: mass purging and heavy-hitter detection

G. Kesidis (PI), C. Das (co-PI)


NSF Cyber Trust and Cyber Infrastructure: Router Models and Downscaling Tools for Scalable Security Experiments

G. Kesidis (PSU PI), in collaboration with S. Fahmy of Purdue and N. Shroff of Ohio State.


DHS/NSF Cyber Trust: Collaborative Research: Testing and benchmarking methodologies for future network security mechanisms (EMIST)

Joint grant with DHS/NSF DETER project

URLs: and

PSU and overall PI: G. Kesidis, PSU co-PIs: P. Liu, P. McDaniel, D.J. Miller


Cisco Ltd URP Simulation of Secure Internet Routing Protocols

G. Kesidis (PI), D.J. Miller (co-PI)


Cisco Ltd URP Diagnostics and real-time traceback of DDoS attacks in the Internet

PI: G. Kesidis



Some Past Service Activity:


NSF Workshop on Cloud Economics, Stanford – invited speaker (May 2018).


IEEE SmartGridComm 2014 – Data Management and Grid Analytics Symposium TPC co-chair (Nov. 2014)


Intermittent Expert for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program (March 2012 – Jan. 2014)


Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Technology Readiness Level (TRL) evaluator (2012 – 2013)


SecureComm, London, Sept. 2011 (TPC co-chair)


IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials  (associated editor until 2007-2012)


ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (associate editor until 2007-2010)


ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Large-Scale Attack/Defense (LSAD), August 27, 2007, Kyoto, Japan (TPC co-chair)


IEEE INFOCOM, May 6-12, 2007, Anchorage (TPC co-chair)


Workshop on Spatial Stochastic Models in Wireless Networks, April 16, 2007, Cyprus (TPC co-chair)


IEEE JSAC Oct. 2006 Special Issue on Price-Based Access Control and Economics of Networking (co-editor)


Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec), Boston, Nov. 6, 2005


Workshop on Economics of Communication Networks, Montreal, July 2004




Graduated Ph.D. students:

Anthony Hung

* Dalia Fayek

Athichart (Ink) Tangpong

Pushkar Patankar 

Jisheng Wang

Ihab (Ethan) Hamadeh (Palo Alto Networks)

Yanxin Zhang

* Azin Neishaboori 

Glenn Carl (Lincoln Labs, MIT)

Paul B. Jeon (Samsung, Korea)

Rajesh N. Rao

* Xidong Deng (Center for Disease Control, Atlanta)

SungwonYi (ETRI, Korea)

* Youngmi Jin (Sungkyunkwan Univ., South Korea)

Soranun (TJ) Jiwasurat

Yaman Aksu

* Chu-Fang Lin

Aditya Kurve (Amazon)

Fatih Kocak (Meta)

Jayaram Raghuram

Zhicong (Jason) Qiu

Arnab Das (APL)

* Neda Nasiriani (JP Morgan)

Yuquan Shan (Meta)

* Xinyi Hu

Ata Fatahi Baarzi (LinkedIn)

Zhen Xiang (UGA)

Hang Wang (Meta)



Current Ph.D. students:

Nader Alfares

* Xi Li (UAB)

Aakash Sharma

* Guangmingme Yang


* woman Ph.D. graduate or Ph.D. student in CE, CS or EE