Philatelic Literature on Romania

Don Heller

last update: 29 June 2007

1. Introduction.
2. Acknowledgements.
3. A subject index.
4. Books and pamphlets.
5. Major auction catalogs.
6. Periodical articles.
7. Guides and almanachs.
8. Exhibition catalogs.
9. Web pages.
10. Omissions.
11. Revision history.

Preliminary notes.

This bibliography was originally published in Philatelic Literature Review, March 1975.  Further updates will be made as time permits.  The coverage will therefore seem to be very uneven, but that is because the work is not finished.  Please send suggestions and contributions to

The 1975 version of the bibliography did not use accent marks; these will be added but there is no good compromise.  Accented letters will cause problems with the search mechanisms in most Web browsers if you do not specify them properly.  For example, Paşşalega, the correct spelling, will not be found by searching for Passalega.  If you can read the combined Romanian, French, German, Czech and Hungarian alphabets
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with no empty boxes, question marks, or general confusion, then the changes will probably work.  There are some obsolete Romanian letters that are usually not displayed cleanly; d with a cedilla is an example (Ḑ and ḑ).  The "reference system" is Safari on Mac OS X. 

We have added a few additional notes in [brackets].

The subject index is really just a set of search keys for use with a Web browser.  For example, the Hohe Rinne local post has the key [=HoheRinne].  More subject entries will be added later.

Hungarian names are written as published, but sorted by the family name.  Anyway, that is the intent.

1. Introduction.

The principality of Moldavia issued its first postage stamps in 1858, the well-known Moldavian Bulls.  The earliest item listed here is about forgeries of these stamps (in the 15 June 1863 issue of The Stamp-Collectors' Review and Monthly Advertiser).  Yet it was not until 1868 that one of the four stamps (the 27 paras) was recorded in the philatelic press.  It was not until the 1930's that a convincing analysis of the sheet size was given, and not until 1962 that the first stamps used in the town of Husi were reported.  Today there are still some important unanswered questions about this and other issues of Romania, and more questions will arise as our knowledge increases.

It is often more difficult to ask a question than to answer it.  This is because the questioner must have enough knowledge to formulate the question, especially when the problem is not clearly defined.  I began this checklist as a background for my own collecting interests, both to improve the understanding of my collection and to avoid asking questions that have already been answered.  The result is a compilation of published philatelic and non-philatelic works related to the postage stamps of and the postal service in Romania, and more questions than I can handle in a lifetime.

There are three divisions to the bibliography:  books and pamphlets, auction catalogs, and articles appearing in periodicals.  An asterisk (*) denotes an item that has been reported but not personally seen.  An exclamation point (!) denotes an especially important reference, and a question mark (?) denotes one that must be approached with great caution.  In all cases this is a personal opinion.  A small working library could be formed from the !'ed items.  Further remarks appear at the beginning of the relevant section.  The final section describes some of the items which, for one reason or another, do not appear in the bibliography.  For convenience, all accent marks have been deleted.

It must be emphasized that this compilation is "in progress," and by no means represents the final word.  By its publication, it is hoped that further interest will be generated.  Supplements will be available as more material accumulates, and readers who are able to add references are invited to correspond. The symbol # denotes an item whose entry is incorrect, and this will be fixed later.

2. Acknowledgements.

A number of people aided me in preparing this bibliography.  Rev. George C. Muresan opened my eyes to the possibilities.  Mr. O.M. Tishlarich, Curator of Stamps and Postal History at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh graciously allowed the use of the museum's facilities and library.  Herbert Trenchard prepared the listing of auction catalogs, greatly expanding my original list.  William Ittel, Joseph Solomon, Gordon Torrey and Paul Partington contributed in various ways.  Charles J. Peterson encouraged publication and made a number of helpful suggestions.

A work such as this will be incomplete under any circumstances, but it is more complete because of these kind people.  Needless to say, errors and omissions are my own responsibility.

3. A subject index.

Although the references have not been ordered by subject, the following outline shows how they could be arranged, and delimits the rather expansive definition of "Romania."

4. Books and pamphlets.

Only a few of the older general catalogs are included, and recently published ones are not.  Only significant reviews are included, and these should be considered part of the book itself. 

For some books we give a locator code, pointing to a library in which the book may be found.  This is only a brief guide, and is not complete.  The following codes are used:

Ákos Kostyán. A magyar postaigazgatás bélyegzői 1867-1967. Budapest, pub. MABÉOSZ, 1973, 738 pp. Volume 6 of A magyar bélyegek monográfiája, 7 volumes, 1965-73. [Monograph on Hungarian Postage Stamps.  Markings of the Hungarian Postal Administration 1867-1967.] [Information about the postal markings of offices transferred between Hungary and Romania.]

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   vol. 1, 2nd ed. (1944), reprinted in vol. 31 (1973).
     Austrian Levant, forged postmarks by Thomas, p. 96.
     Czechoslovakia, historic first and special flights, p.140.
     Poland, first and special flights, pp. 200-1.
     Romanian occupation in Pokutia, p. 216. [=Pokutia]
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   vol. 2, 1st ed. (1943), reprinted in vol. 32 (1973).
     French offices in the Levant, Numeral cancellations, p. 63.
   vol. 28 (1960).
     The Local Post of Kustendje-Czernavoda, pp. 199-200. [=DBSR] [This is misattributed to E. Hurt. Actually by G.T. Turner. See Record of the Philatelic Student's Fellowship, 1910.]
     T.B. Morton & Co., pp. 201-2. [=Morton]
   See also Friedl, Kricheldorf, Schloss, Speers.

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*----. Filatelia si maximafilia pentru tineret. Constanta, pub. AFR, 1968, 24 pp. 2150 copies.

5. Major auction catalogs.

This section was originally compiled by Herbert Trenchard.  The guideline for selecting a sale was quantity or exceptional quality.

Georg Koch, pt. 1.
   Gilbert & Kohler, Paris, Sale 1, June 1-4, 1908; 44 lots.

Paul Mirabaud, pt. 1.
   Gilbert & Kohler, Paris, March 29 - April 3, 1909; 71 lots.

Dr. A. Chiesa.
   Gilbert & Kohler, Paris, June 14-19, 1909; 48 lots.

M. Lauffs.
   Gilbert & Kohler, Paris, April 28 - May 3, 1910; 16 lots, all covers.

F. Spiegelberg.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 42, March 13-4, 16, 1911; 32 lots.  No illustrations.

Monsieur M... .
   Gilbert & Kohler, Paris, Sale 32, May 12-13, 15, 1912; 290 lots.

Edward Goldschmidt.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 83, Nov. 9-10, 1914; 62 lots.  No illustrations.

   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 100; July 27-8, 1915; 74 lots.  No illustrations.

George H. Worthington, pt. 1.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 131, Aug. 21-23, 1917; 216 lots.  No illustrations. APRL.
   See also "The Worthington Collection", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 17(1968)/30-32.

Raymond Marty.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 62, Oct. 20-25, 1919; 36 lots.

Mors, [Madame M.], pt. 1.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 66, April 14-17, 1920; 25 lots.

Benno Loewy, pts. 2, 4, and 4th section.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 162, April 19-22, 1920; 83 lots.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 164, June 7-10, 1920; 90 lots.
   Percy G. Doane, N.Y., Sale 128, June 12, 16, 1920; 93 lots.
   All with no illustrations.

Philippe Ferrari de la Renotiere, pts. 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 13, 14.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 87, June 23, 1921; 14 lots.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 88, Oct. 13-15, 1921; 20 lots.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 96, April 5-7, 1922; 3 lots.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 106, April 25-27, 1922; 1 lot.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 118, Nov. 19-21, 1924; 45 lots.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 122, June 23-24, 1925; 3 lots.
   G. Gilbert, Paris, Sale 123, Nov. 24-6, 1925; 1 lot.
   The entire set of Ferrari auctions, plus Napier's prices realized list, was reprinted in one volume, in 1987, by Joachim Erhardt, Stuttgart.

   Gelli & Tani, Brussels, May 17, 1926; 40 lots.

William Wolters, pt. 7.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 245, April 11, 12, 14, 1927; 220 lots.
   J.C. Morgenthau & Co., N.Y., Sale 247, May 16, 1927; 1 lot.
   No illustrations.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 4, March 5-13, 1928; 236 lots.

   Gelli & Tani, Brussels, Jan. 18-19, 1929; 50 lots.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 9, March 11-19, 1929; 80 lots.

"A Specialized Collection."
   Gelli & Tani, Brussels, Sept. 21, 1929; 170 lots.

"X Collection."
   Heinrich Kohler, Berlin, Sale 64, Feb. 18-22, 1930; 215 lots.
   Heinrich Kohler, Berlin, Sale 66, May 19-24, 1930; 482 lots.

Gaston Nehrlich, pt. 2.
   Heinrich Kohler, Berlin, Sale 65, March 10-15, 1930; 89 lots.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 23, Nov. 10-15, 1930; 89 lots.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 33, Sept. 18-26, 1931; 101 lots.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 39, March 14-24, 1932; 357 lots.

   Bela Sekula, Luzern, Sale 41, July 19-29, 1932; 178 lots.

Arthur Hind, pt. 8.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sales 729-30, Jan. 28-29, 1935; 55 lots. APRL.
   See also "The Hind Collection", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 18(1969)/46-50.

   Willy Balasse, Brussels, Sale 11, May 26-30, 1935; 110 lots.

A.L. Schuyler.
   Eugene Klein, Philadelphia, Sale 101, May 14-15, 1937. APRL.

Michael Stephens, pt. 5.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sales 979-80, Dec. 13-14, 1937; 30 lots.

Consul Alfred Weinberger.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sale 1511, July 15, 1941; 2 lots.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sale 3153-5, Nov. 19-21, 1962.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sale 3915-6, Oct. 28-29, 1974.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sale 4288-9, Feb. 3-4, 1981.  [36 lots total]
   See also "Consul Weinberger, A Great Stamp Collector", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 50(2001)/274-289. [1858 5 pa on blue, strips of 5 and 3 on entire newspaper]
   same, "Additions and Corrections", PLR, 51(2002)/16-18.

Harold Wilson, pt. 2.
   Harmer, Rooke & Co., London, Sale 3224, Jan. 23, 1942; 218 lots.

Henry C. Gibson.
   Eugene Klein, sale 152, March 11, 1944, Classic Foreign Covers; 108 pa on registered cover, $1,100. Lot descriptions by Edwin Mueller.
   Gibson once owned the 27 pa tete-beche pair; see Phillips, Collectors Club Philatelist, 1945.

Col. E.H.R. Green, pt. 19.
   Eugene N. Costales, N.Y., Feb. 19-21, 23-4, 1945; 167 lots. APRL.
   See also "The Colonel Green Collection", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 18(1969)/116-22.

   Corinphila, Zurich, Sale 33, Feb. 24 - March 1, 1947; 89 lots.

   Corinphila, Zurich, Sale 34, Dec. 12-20, 1947; 109 lots.

   Eugene N. Costales, N.Y., Dec. 11-12, 1947; 113 lots.

Baron Alphonse de Rothschild.
   "To be Broken up at Private Sale: A large Romania Collection", Mercury Stamp Journal, no. 2, May 1947, pp. 38-9. [11 volumes, $50,000, unsold]
   Corinphila, Zurich, Sale 34, Dec. 12-20, 1947; 93 lots.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 46, March 2-4, 1948; 91 lots.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sale 1993, Dec. 6, 1948; 81 lots.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 52, Dec. 14-15, 1948; 95 lots.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 64, April 11-12, 1950; 108 lots.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 65, June 7-9, 1950; 108 lots.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 122, Nov. 14-16, 1956.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 155, Feb. 16-18, 1960.
   See also "Baron Alphonse de Rothschild, One of Philately's Great Collectors", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 47(1998)/16-38.
   same, "The Rothschild Collection: New Information", PLR, 53(2004)/181-203.

King Carol II.
   Harmer, Rooke & Co., N.Y., Sale 606-7, March 29-30, 1951; no Romania. APRL.

Col. Hans Lagerloef, pt. 2.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 789-93, May 11-15, 1953; 96 lots. APRL.

King Farouk of Egypt.
   H.R. Harmer, London, Sales 2432-7, Feb. 12-15, 17-18, 1954; 6 lots. Sale held in Cairo. APRL.

Alfred H. Caspary, pt. 11.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1123-6, Nov. 18-21, 1957; 208 lots. APRL.
   See also "The Caspary Collection", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 21(1972)/19-25.

   Shanahan's, Dublin, Sale 70, July 5, 1958; 82 lots.
   Shanahan's, Dublin, Sale 71, July 19, 1958; 130 lots.
   Robson Lowe, London, Sales 2469-72, Sept. 22-3, 1964; 38 lots.
   See also Catalog of Postage Stamps Stolen from Shanahan's Stamp Auctions, Ltd., Robson Lowe, London, 1961; 22 lots.

John Lek, pts. 1, 6.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1224-6, Feb. 9-11, 1959; 44 lots. APRL.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1243-5, June 1-3, 1959; 27 lots. APRL.
   J.L. van Dieten, The Hague, Sale 393, May 28-30, 1962; 8 lots.

Siegmund Adler, pt. 3.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1287-90, April 4-7, 1960; 52 lots. APRL.

   Robson Lowe, London, Sales 2056-7, June 14, 1961; 89 lots.

Maurice Burrus, pt. 1.
   Willy Balasse, Brussels, Sale 190, Oct. 20, 1962; 262 lots. APRL.
   See also "The Sales Catalogs of the Burrus Collection", H.A. Trenchard, Philatelic Literature Review, 16(1967)/120-125.
   See also "The First Burrus sale - Some Roumanian discoveries", L.N. Cristea, The Stamp Lover, 55(1963)/85, 116-7.

Dr. L.N. Cristea.
   Willy Balasse, Brussels, Sale 195, June 12-14, 1963; 280 lots.

Max L. Simon, pt. 3.
   Mercury Stamp Co., N.Y., Sale 189, Dec. 7-8, 1965; 30 lots.

E.J. Leon.
   Robson Lowe, London, Sales 2786-7, Oct. 14, 1966; 428 lots. Sale held in Basel.

Alfred F. Lichtenstein.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1735-9, Dec. 5-9, 1966; 50 lots.

Eduardo Cohen.
   Schwenn, Frankfurt-am-Main, Sale 12, Sept. 26-30, 1967; approx. 100 lots.
   Schwenn AG, Zurich, Private Treaty, Spring 1968.

   H.R. Harmer, London, Sales 3542-4, Oct. 14-16, 1968; 44 lots.

Lars Amundsen.
   Stanley Gibbons, London, Sales 5020-2, Feb. 5-7, 1969; 23 lots. APRL.

   Atlantis Auctions, Lugano, Sale 1, March 7-8, 1969, 12 lots.

John H. Hall Estate.
   H.R. Harmer, N.Y., Sales 1884-6, March 18-20, 1969; 123 lots.

"Alexandria Collection."
   Robson Lowe & Urs Peter Kaufmann, Basel, Sale 116-7, October 10, 1969; 79 lots, Austrian and French P.O. in Romania, DDSG.

Anonymous, possibly Eduardo Cohen.
   Schwenn A.G., Zurich, Nov. 6-7, 1969; 235 lots.

Julius Steindler.
   Robson Lowe and Urs Peter Kaufmann, Basel, Sales 3583-6, March 14, 1972. APRL. [Shipping Companies]

   Willy Balasse, Brussels, Sales 1077-8, June 21-22, 1974; 50 lots.

Georghe Matheescu, Sinaia.
   This collection was exhibited at IPOSTA, Berlin, 1930, where it received a silver medal; a photograph of the exhibit appears in the IPOSTA-Album published in 1931 (p. 33).

Denwood Kelly.
   Christie's Robson Lowe, Zurich, Sale 8071, April 18, 1985. APRL. [Shipping Companies]

Henry W. Houser.
   Christie's Robson Lowe, Zurich, Sale 1119, June 18, 1992. APRL. [Austrian Offices in the Levant]

Peter Brodtbeck.
   Corinphila, 1997-1999.

Paul Laptev, London.
   Heinrich Köhler, Wiesbaden, Sale 300, 22-26 Sep. 1998, 360 lots.

   Corinphila, Zurich, Sale 125, Dec. 9-10, 2000; 452 lots. Includes an introduction "Rural Postal Service in Romania, from 1865-1900". APRL.

Roberto Sciaky.
   Harmers, London, Sale 4756, 25 July 2006; 192 lots.

There were a number of large collections that were sold privately. These include:
   W. Dorning Beckton (died 19 March 1931, Romanian portion bought by Stanley Gibbons, London).
   John R. Boker, Jr., some parts purchased from Rothschild between 1946 and 1956.
   M.P. Castle.

There were additional large collections that should be mentioned, but we don't know their disposition:
   Heinrich Birnbach, Berlin, formerly Bucharest.
   W.P. Costerus, Edam.
   G.B. Duerst.
   R.C. Frettingham, Nottingham, England.
   Henri Kastler, Paris (1863-1957, president of the French Academy of Philately, 1929-1957).
   W.H. Milnes Marsden (died 1956).
   René Poncelet, Brussels (died 2 Dec. 1944).  His library was sold at auction by Willy Balasse, Brussels, sale 61, 7-14 July 1945.
   J.R.W. Purves, Melbourne (died 1979).
   T.G. Wayman.
   Sir John Wilson, London (died 1975).  Wilson sold many of his collections to Douglas Roth in 1939, but still had his Romanian lithographs in 1957.
   J.W. von Witzleben, confiscated by the Red Army, about 1945.
   Rudolf Zoscsak.

Of course, the collection of King Carol II must be mentioned.

6. Periodical articles.

Articles are listed chronologically by periodical, giving the title, author, volume, year and pages.  In some cases an issue number is given.  Sometimes the title is given in a different language, especially those in Russian and where the reference was taken from Literatur Nachrichten or similar works.

Aero Philatelist Annals.  1953-1982.
   *Military Mail in the East, 1919. (Ilia Braunstein). 21(1978)/no. 2, p. 18.

Agerpress Information Bulletin.
   *Rumanian Postage Stamps in 1952. 4(1953)/no. 2.
   *Philately in 1953. 5(1954)/no. 2.

Albemarle Stamp Collector.
   Numerous minor notes in vol. 1-9, 1915-1923.

Alfred Smith and Sons Monthly Circular.
   *Dies of the Moldos, etc. 10(1884)/67.
   *Moldos. 24(1898)/102; 28(1902)/73, 81, 90.

Allgemeiner Briefmarken-Anzeiger.
   *Postkarten auf gelbem Carton. 3(1873)/no. 45.

American Journal of Philately, 2nd series.
   A Roumanian Swindler. (from Le Timbre Post, April 1889). 2(1889)/209.
   The Postal Card Catalog - Roumania. 3(1890)/483-9; 4(1891)/167.
   A Catalog for Advanced Collectors. (H. Collin & H.L. Calman). 8(1895)/337-47.
   The Roumanian Errors of 1877-79. (M.P. Castle). (from London Philatelist). 11(1898)/193-201.
   The Five Bani Blue and Rose Errors of Roumania. (H. Fraenkel). (from Deutsche Brief.-Zeit.). 11(1898)/401-8, 455-61.
   Reprints of Moldavia. (John N. Luff). 15(1902)/339-43.
   *Moldavian Counterfeits. 15(1903)/359.
   *1906 Exhibition issue. 19(1906)/375.
   *25 b. Jubilee error of color. 19(1906)/390.

American Philatelic Congress.  1935-present, annual.
   Morton Danube and Black Sea Covers. (Eugene Klein). 7(1941)/59-63. [=Morton]
   *History of the Tierra del Fuego Stamp. (Jere. Hess Barr). 9(1943)/89.
   !Greek Post Offices Abroad. (Alex G. Argyropoulos). 17(1951)/120-8.
   Greece - Post Offices Abroad, Bucharest. (Alex G. Argyropoulos). 22(1956)/56-9; 23(1957)/154 (corrections).
   The War Issues of Rumania. (Jacques Posell). 16(1950)/157-161.

American Philatelist.  American Philatelic Society, 1886-present.
   The Jubilee Stamps and Card of Romania. (J.Thorand). 5(1891)/206.
   ?The Moldavian Stamps of 1859. (from Timbrofilul). 6(1892)/15.
   *The Five Bani Blue and Rose Errors of Roumania. (H. Fraenkel). (from Deutsche Brief.-Zeit.). 11(1898)/193-201.
   Chemical Forgeries of the Romanian 5 bani blue error. (P. Dengler). 29(1916)/244.
   Occupation of Hungary. 33(1920)/224-5.
   Fraudulent Airmail Overprints. 34(1921)/99.
   Coronation series. 36(1923)/116-7.
   The World in Miniature. (C.A. Perz). 50(1937)/364-5. [stamps of the Little Entente]
   "Free Romania" Bogus issues. 69(1956)/253, 795; 70(1957)/854; 71(1958)/262, 870.
   Common Counterfeits and their detection. 78(1965)/758-60.
   Forwarding Agents in the Danube Region. (N. Blistyar). 96(1982)/503-505.
   *Transnistria. (Jayseth Guberman). (Oct. 1996). [=PMR]

Australian Stamp Journal.
   *Roumania. (T.C. Gray). 13(1923)/102.

   *Oesterreichische Feldpoststempel in den Donaufurstentumern. (A. Benesch). (1895).

Austrian Stamp Club of Great Britain - Bulletin.
   *Reprints of DDSG. (F.F. Meyer). no.14; 16/4; 17/1.

Balasse Magazin.
   *Un faux dangereux de Roumanie. (Dubus). (1967)/105.

Baltimore Philatelist.
   Notes on Russian Cancellations on Stamps "Used Abroad" in the Balkans. (Rimma Sklarevski and J.E. McCann). vol. 1, no. 3(Dec. 1943)/18-24.

The Philatelists Supplement to the Bazaar.
   Roumania & Moldavia. (W.A.S. Westoby). (14 Dec. 1898)/35.
   Modern Roumanian Stamps. (F.B.T.). (11 April 1900)/58.

Der Bazar.  (Berlin)
   *Danubian Principalities. (15 March 1864).

Berliner Illustrirte Briefmarken-Zeitung.
   *Fehldrucke der 5 bani marke. 1(1879)/no. 12.
   *5 paras schwartz auf blau. 2(1880)/no. 16.
   *Die marken von 1868 2 und 10 parale auf gerippten papier. 3(1881)/no. 26.

Berliner Briefmarken Zeitung.
   Moldau 81 parale, Philatelistische Humoreske. 6(1910)172-3.
   Jubileul Universitale Jasi. 6(1910)/479.
   *Beschreibung und Katalogisierung der Ganzsachen von Rumänien. (R. Zoscsak). 7(1911)/171; 8(1912)/10, 83.
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Mitteilung Berliner Philatelisten Klub von 1888.
   *Kritische Bemerkungen und Anfugungen zu einer Neuerscheinung uber die ersten Rumänischen Postmarken. (K. Kolb). no. 40(1966)/336.

Berner Briefmarken Zeitung.  Journal Philatelique de Berne.
   *5 parale 1858. (J. Wertheimer-Ghika). (Jan. 1944).
   *Roumanie 1866. (K. Kolb). (Oct. 1950).
   *1897 25 bani blue error. no. 10-12(1952); no. 5(1953).
   *5 paras Moldavia 1858-9. (R. Zoscsak). (1957).
   *1858 issue. (K. Kolb). (1957).
   *1862 issue. (K. Kolb). (1957).
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   Die runden Moldauischen Ochsenkopfe-marken. (R. Zoscsak). (1957)/145-6.
   Les Varietes de Filigrane et de papier de Timbres Roumaines des emissions 1893-1918. (F. Konrad). (1958)/18-19.

Bolletino Filatelico.
   *Francobolli falsi. 5(1915)/no. 58.

Bolletino Prefilatelico e Storico Postale.
   *Le tariffe postali romene per l'Italia, 1869-1948. (C. Marinescu). June 1990.

The Booklet.  The Booklet Pane Society, 1944-1981.
   *Romania. vol. 2, no. 3, p. 2; vol. 5, no. 2, p. 9; vol. 5, no. 3, p. 4.

Die Briefmarke.
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Briefmarken-Sammler. (Bauschke).
   *Falschung der 5 para marke schwartz. 1(1866)/no. 8.
   *Grund der Einfuhrung des Marken zu 25 und 50 bani. 4(1869)/no. 32.
   *Fehldrucke des wertes zu 2 bani. 5(1870)/no. 43.
   *Zustande in Rumänien. 5(1870)/no. 44/5, 47, 48.

   *Rumänische Emigrant-Ausgabe. (Barth). (1971)/16.

British Journal of Russian Philately.  British Society of Russian Philately, 1946-present.
   The Romanov Tercentenary Issue; Romanovs in the Levant. (G.B. Salisbury). no. 10(1952)/290-292.
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   Recent Finds in the Russian Levant. (S.D. Tchilinghirian). no. 24(1958)/789-791.
   The Zemstvo Gazeteer; Bessarabia Government. (F.W. Speers). no. 25(1959)/13-16. [The description of the Jassy district is completely wrong.] [=Zemstvo]
   "Used Abroad" Chronicle. (S.D. Tchilinghirian). no. 29(1961)/11-17. [=OCDP]
   "Used Abroad" Chronicle. (S.D. Tchilinghirian). no. 30(1962)/11-18. [Tulcea]
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   The Western Regions of the U.S.S.R., 1939-1941. (A.S. Waugh). no. 52(1975)/21-24. [Bessarabia, Bucovina]
   The Soviet Posts in Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia. (A. Cronin). no. 54(1977)/35-36.
   Ukraine Pictorials Printed on Maps. (A. Hall & J. Barefoot). no. 59(1982)/50-52, plate 27. [printers' trials of unissued stamps printed on maps of various places, including Romania]
   The Russian Army on the Roumanian Front 1916-1917. (A. Leppa). no. 63(1986)/58-61.
   Soviet Posts in Bukovina and Bessarabia, 28 June 1940 - 5 July 1941. (M. Shmuely). no. 63(1986)/87-94.
   Field Post Offices of the Russian Army in WWI 1914-1918. (A. Epštein). no. 17(1991)/48-67; no. 74(1993)/12-14. [a small number of offices were on the Romanian front]
   Used Abroad Chronicles. no. 85(2000)/45. [Russian Levant stamps cancelled aboard the Romanian Smyrne-Constantinople-Constanta line, 1906]
   Used Zemstvo Postal Stationery: Tula, Totma, Kherson and Soroki. (T. Page). no 86(2001)/18-20. [=Zemstvo]
   Notes on the Odessa-Ungeni railway circa 1910-14. (L. Tann). no. 88(2002)/55-61; no. 89(2003)/55; no. 91(2004)/3.
   The Captain's Log (1). (R. Casey). no. 90(2003)/44-56. [Romanian maritime postal service]

Bulletin Philatelique.
   *Chiffres de Tirage des emissions 1922 et 1927. 2(1929)/159-60.

Cahiers Philatéliques.  Yvert & Tellier.  1945-63.
   La Poste Aérienne aux Armées d'Orient en 1919. (J. Le Pileur). no. 6(25 Nov. 1946)/337-340.
   ?Roumanie-Moldavie, le 5 Parale du 1er Novembre 1858. (J. Wertheimer-Ghika). no. 8(Sep. 1947)/71-78. [5 paras 1859 broken frame]
   La France et les "Têtes de Bœuf" de la Moldavie Juillet 1858. (J. Wertheimer-Ghika). no. 10(June 1949)/209-212.

Carpatii. (Madrid).
   Romania si Unitatea Europei. [Free Romania]. 18(1972-3).

Cassel's Illustrated Family Paper.  (London)
   *Danubian Principalities. (20 Aug. 1864).

!Cinderella Philatelist.
   Danube and Black Sea Railway. (H.G.L. Fletcher). 1(1961)/114-7; 3(1963)/64. [=DBSR]
   Danube and Black Sea Railway. (E. Eades). 1(1961)/118-9. [=DBSR]
   Free Romania Bogus issues. (H.F. Rooke). 1(1961)/130-7, 155-9; 4(1964)/76-8; 5(1965)/7-9; 6(1966)/59; 7(1967)/54-5, 77; 9(1969)/36-7; 10(1970)/9, 29.
   Local Stamps at the Budapest Exhibition. (P.F. Rampacher). 2(1962)/7.
   Local Posts - Salajului second issue. (I. Micu). 4(1964)/24-5.
   Hohe Rinne, A new discovery. 4(1964)/30. [=HoheRinne]
   Hohe Rinne and Bistra - Notes on the Local Stamps. (J.L.N. Best). 5(1965)/46-53, 72-77. [=Bistra] [=HoheRinne]
   Bistra Post - Some Recent research and discoveries. (L.N. Cristea). 6(1966)/47-9. [=Bistra]
   Hohe Rinne - Notes on the cancellations of the Hotel Stamps. (J.L.N. Best). 7(1967)/23-9. [=HoheRinne]
   Hungarian Hotel Posts: Hohe Rinne. 9(1969)/29. [=HoheRinne]

Circulaire Philatelique.
   *Quelques remarques sur les timbres de Roumanie. 9(??)/8.

Collectors Club Philatelist.  The Collectors Club, New York, 1922-present.
   Ferrari collection, auction part 2, Oct. 13-15, 1921, some prices realized. 1(1922)/21.
   Have You Any Moldavia's?. 4(1925)/87. [H. Birnbach request for photographs]
   A Great Attempted Swindle on Lloyds Insurance Corporation. (C.J. Philips). 5(1926)/58, 7(1928)/39. [This fraud by James Lek involved the supposed theft of a collection, including a block of 4 of the 54 pa. Moldavia, a pair of the 81 pa., and several impossible items.  See also the book by David Masters, What Men Will Do For Money, A Revelation of Strange Cases and Amazing Frauds, London and New York, 1937.]
   Impressions Gleaned from the Prize Winning Collection for Arrangement and Display. (H.P. Atherton). 6(1927)/72-3. [René Poncelet's display of Romania 1866-72 won this award at the New York international exhibition in 1926.]
   Rarities Exhibited by Alfred H. Caspary. 7(1928)/74.
   Arthur Hind Exhibits Rarities. 7(1928)/126-7.
   Bulgaria. 9(1930)/171-2, 235-6. [1916-17 occupation of Romania, Kohl Handbuch translation]
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   Uncommon Routing of an 1865 Letter From Odessa. (W. Elias). 66(1987)/179-181. [via Kustendje]
   see also - reviews by L.N. Cristea, book entries for Racoviceanu, Tebeica

Il Collezionista Italia Filatelica.
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The Connoisseur.
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Il Corriere Filatelico.
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Deutscher Altbriefsammlerverein.
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Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung. (Bauschke).
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Deutsche Briefmarken Zeitung.
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Deutsche Briefmarken Zeitung.
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Deutsche Zeitung fur Briefmarkenkunde.
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Echo de la Timbrologie.
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Emco Monthly Journal.
   *Counterfeits of the 1906 semipostals. (1929)/245.

L'Entier Postale.
   *Postcards. (A. Wery). (Aug. 1965ff.).

Essay-Proof Journal.
   Roumania - an unknown essay of the 1872 issue (E. Cohen). 18(1961)/54.
   Roumania - Proofs for the 1893 issue on watermarked paper. (E. Cohen). 18(1961)/121-2.

Evidenta Contabila.
   *New structure of the accounting reports for the postal service and telecommunications. (T. Dutea). 4(1959)/no. 6.

Fakes, Forgeries, Experts.  1998 - present.
   How are the Philatelic Experts Organized in the FIP Member Federations? (P. Vollmeier). no. 1(1998)/107-112. [Romania, p. 111]
   Romania: Forgeries of the Bulls Head Issues of the Principality of Moldavia. (F. Heimbüchler). no. 3(2000)/35-38. [with parallel German text]
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   Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie. no. 5(2002)/182-191. [Marco Martin, p. 189]
   Doubtful and Bogus Items from Bolivia, Carpatho-Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia and USSR. (A. Cronin). no. 7(2004)/57-60. [bogus Odessa siege issue]
   Questionable Items of Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. (A. Cronin). no. 8(2005)/42-48. [1858 issue]

Fenno Scandia.
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Filatelia. (Czechoslovakia).
   *Postal history of century. (F. Novak). (1958-1959).
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   *Typen der aufdruckes TAXA DE PLATA. (Dica). (1970)/554.

Filatelia. (Romania).
   [index to be provided later - assistance is welcome]
   [the references in German are from Literatur Nachrichten]
   *Studii grafice asupra Primelor Marci Postale Rominesti. (V. Bobeica). (1954-55).
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   *Studies: What ear stamps 1893. (Nicolau). (1973)/no. 1.
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   *Druckfehler auf Uberdruckmarken fur die rumanischen Post in Konstantinopel 1896. (Voyculet-Lemeny). (1973)/no. 4.

Filatelia. (Turin).
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. (W.E. Harryman). (March 1926). [=DDSG]

Filatelia Romana.
   *Catalogul marcilor clasice romanesti. (R. Zoscsak). (1937)/no. 1-6; (1938)/no. 1-6.

Filatelia SSSR. (USSR).
   *Unissued Romanian stamps of 1917 printed in Russia. (D.N. Minchev). (1968)/no. 6.

Die Ganzsache.
   *Rumänien Postkarte nr. 13. (Dr. K). 13(1933)/29.
   *Anfragen uber Rumänien. (Barth). 15(1935)/17.

Gazette Belgique.
   *Faux de l'emission de 1863. (J. Bastin). (Jun 1939).

   *Feldpostkarten. no. 9(1919).

German Philatelic Review.
   *German Occupation of Eastern Europe, 1914-1918. (K. Zirkenbach). no. 9/68-75.

Germania Berichte.
   *Halbierte Marken. (F.E. Sipmann). (Oct.-Nov. 1926).

Stanley Gibbons Monthly Circular.
   *Introduction to the Philatelic Study of Romania. no. 35/10.

Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal.
   The Issues of Roumania, 1872-91. (L.G. Hetley). 5(1895)/157-8, 203.
   The Perforation of the Stamps of 1879-90. (W.D. Beckton). 10(1900)/188.
   Sale of Remainders. 11(1900)/123; 18(1908)/200.
   Moldavian Reprints. 13(1902)/61-2, 87, 106-7; 13(1903)/129-31, 177-8.
   *Austrian Levant, list of Post Offices. 19(1909)/138.

Gibbons Stamp Monthly.
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   *Types of 50 b. and 1l., 1919-22. (C.P. Rang). 32(1958)/75, 135.
   *Rumanian Reflections. (Andrew Cronin). (Feb. 1973).

Gibbons Stamp Weekly.
   *Austrian Post Offices in the Levant. (E.J. Nankivell). no. 41.
   *Stamp Portraits, Cuza and Carol. (Boswell, Jr.). 5(1907)/70.
   Roumanian Exhibition stamps and the 25 bani green error. (R. Zoscsak). (from Deutsche Brief.-Zeit.). 7(1908)/140-1.
   *French Consular Offices. 7(1908)/145, 161, 177, 193, 209, 225, 241, 257, 273.
   *Greece used in Turkey. (W.N. Wyeth). 9(1909)/241.
   *Greece used in Turkey. (E. Diena). 9(1909)/387.
   *Tetes-beches. ("Desdichado"). 9(1909)/567.

Gibbons-Whitman Stamp Monthly.  1967-1969.
   *Scott No. 245-7 (1919 "Bronx Cheer" overprints) 1(1968)/150.
   *Scott No. 1939 (Dinu Lipatti). 1(1968)/167.
   *Scott No. 1944 (Marie Curie). 1(1968)/167.
   Stamps and Origin of Romania. (E. Glascow). 1(1968)/410-12.

Globus.  Stuttgart.
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   ?Rumänien, 6 Parale Plattendruck, Ausgabe 1864. (J. Wertheimer-Ghika). 2(1949)/288-292.

Godden's Gazette.  Frank Godden, London, 1933-40.
   The Van Gelder Stamps, Roumania. 1(1934)/119-21. [collection offered for sale]

Griebert's Philatelic Notes and Offers.
   *Issues of 1870-72. (H. Griebert). 4(1916)/51.

Hellene Newsletter.
   *Greek Post Offices in Romania. (P. Binicos). 4(1962).

   *Charity Stamps. (B.W.H. Poole). 4(1911)/160.

Ice Cap News.  American Society of Polar Philatelists.
   *1958 55 bani Emil Racovita commemorative. 14(1969)/18.

Illustrirte Frankfurter Briefmarken-Zeitung.
   *Ausser-coursetzung der marken letzter emission. 9(1890)/no. 4.

Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal.
   *Falschung der 27 para marke. 5(1878)/no. 51.
   *Moldau 27 para. (Dr. Moschkau). 12(1884)/no. 4.
   *Falschungen. 16(1889)/no. 12; 17(1890)/no. 3.
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   *Deutsche Landespost in besetzten Rumänien. (G. Freyse). (1918).

Illustrirte Briefmarken-Zeitung.
   *Falschungen. (H. Mittelmann). 1(1888)/no. 21.
   *Ein schatz in Rumänien. (Sammlung des Constantin Kincea in Craiova). 3(1890)/no. 8.
   *Moldau. (H. Roggenstroh). 3(1890)/no. 14, 16.
   *Ein sogenannter fehldruck von Rumänien. (Marke 1879 5 bani schwartz statt grun). (F. Kalckhoff). 3(1890)/no. 19.
   *Die Jubilaums marken und Karten. (J. Thorand). 4(1891)/no. 15.

Indrumatorul Filatelistului.
   *Scurta privire asupra planselor emisiunilor litografiate ale marcilor postale romanesti din perioda 1866-1872. (M. Popovici). (1969).

Information Bulletin of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce.
   *Romanian Stamps. 3(1957)/no. 7.

International Briefmarken-Zeitung.
   *Die Philatelie in Rumänien. (N. Hofmeister). 1(1889)/no. 8/9.

International News. (Bucarest).
   *Articles by J. Wertheimer-Ghika. (circa 1946).

   *Falschungen der Briefmarken Rumäniens. (O. Kremling). 10(1929)/181-2.

Linn's Stamp News.
   *Postal tax varieties. 27(13 Sept. 1954)/8.
   *1866-78 Issues, DDSG. (J.P. Steindler). 33, no.44/12.
   *Some Curious Weeds. 36(4 Nov. 1963)/22.
   *Speculative stamps. 40(4 Sept. 1967)/22.
   *Detecting (nearly) perfect Moldova forgeries. (V.E. Tyler & Cosma Dan). (1995).
   *Transdniester Moldavian Republic. (Jayseth Guberman). (29 May 1995). [=PMR]
   Romania's 1906 semipostals reflected queen's interests. (Kathleen Wunderly). (19 Oct. 2015).

London Philatelist.  Royal Philatelic Society, London.
   1893 Color trials. 3(1894)/246.
   A Unique Cover. 5(1896)/346.
   The Roumanian Errors of 1877-9. (M.P. Castle). 7(1898)/70-78.
   1897 25 bani color error. 7(1898)/92, 110; 10(1901)/18.
   The 27 paras of Moldavia. 7(1898)/137, 193-4, 211-2, 313-4.
   Forgeries by S. Friedl. 8(1899)/103-4; 9(1900)/73.
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   Jassy University Commemorative. 20(1911)/22.
   Perforating device. 20(1911)/327.
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   Roumania: The TPO Marks to circa 1900. (P. Hirsch). 110(2001)/45-46.
   Romanian Transnistria 1941-1944. (G. Todd). 110(2001)/46-47.
   An Unrecorded So-Called "Orient Express" Oval. (G. Sasower). 111(2002)/23-25. See also - The Orient Express. (D. Malcolm). 111(2002)/349-351.
   Austrian Army in the Danubian Principalities: Another position conquered?. 111(2002)/141-144.
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   Where are King Carol's Moldavian Bulls?. (F. Heimbüchler). 115(2006)/175-179.
   !Romanian Postage Due Markings and Their Forgeries. (G. Sassawer). 116(2007)/117-136.

Madrid Filatelico.
   *Unesco Stamps. (T. Popesco). (1956).
   *Romanian Blood in Majadahonda. (B. Pinar). (Feb. 1958).

Le Magazin Pittoresque.  (Paris)
   *Danubian Principalities. (4 June 1864).

Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. 6(1895)/102; 9(1897)/183. [=DDSG]
   *Counterfeits. 16(27 Dec. 1902)/479.
   *Kustendje-Czernawoda. (1903). [=DBSR]
   *Weekly Review. 17(10 Oct. 1903)/360.
   *Chemical forgeries of the Romanian 5 bani blue error. (P. Dengler). 30(15 July 1916).
   *Romania 15 bani issues, 1879-80. (P. Dengler). (22 July 1916).
   *Relief Stamps. (1917)/275.
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   *The Little Entente. (J.A. Wells). (26 July 1937).

Mercury Stamp Journal.  Mercury Stamp Co., New York, Edwin Mueller, 1947-1962.
   A large Romania Collection. no. 2(1947)/38-9. [Rothschild]
   Dangerous Romania fakes. no. 3(1947)/67; no. 38(1956)/42-3.
   1858 5 pa broken frame (Scott 8b). no. 4(xxxx)/91; no. 7(xxxx)/164-65; no. 13(xxxx)/16, 19-20.
   1906 Exhibition series. no. 10 (1949)/233.
   1865 Cuza issue (Scott 22-27). no. 14(xxxx)/47.
   Austrian fieldpost in Romania, faked cancellations. no. 15(xxxx)/69-70.
   OREAVA marking. no. 27(xxxx)/66.
   Laid paper varieties, 1869-71. no. 31(1954)/161.
   Hungarian offices in Romania. no. 46(xxxx)/222-3; no. 47(xxxx)/252.

   Eine Staatliche Privatpost. (P.F. Rampacher). no. 90(1955)/5-7. [=Magura]
   Hohe Rinne. (L.N. & M. Williams). no. 93(1956)/18. [=HoheRinne]
   *Der Geschichte der Bistra Post. (P.F. Rampacher). no. 109-11. [=Bistra]

Merkur. (Prague).
   *Die Furstentumer am unterlauf der Donau. (Novak). (1969)/no. 6-8.

Meter Stamp Bulletin.  Meter Stamp Study Group, UK.
   [anything interesting here?]

Metropolitan Philatelist.
   Die varieties of the 1862-4 issue. (H.H. Zobel). (from Philatelic Californian). 4(1894)/187-9.

Mijn Stokpaardje.
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Mitteilungen der Firma Kohl.
   *Moldau-Walachei Vorphilatelistisches. 3(1911)/57.

Mitteilungen des Oesterreichischen Philatelisten-Club.
   *Falschungen von Moldau 27 para. 10(1891)/no. 9.

Mitteldeutsche Philatelisten Zeitung.
   Schiffstempel des Mittelmeeres. (Knopf-Goldberg). 8(1899)/130-2.

Moschkau's Magazin.
   *Falschung der 27 para. (1871)/no. 4.
   *Telegraphen marken. (1871)/no. 6, 9.
   *Falschung der 50 bani. (1871)/no. 7.

La Nation Roumaine.
   *The reprehensible inefficiency of the PTT services. 4(1951)/no. 72.

Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Postzegelkunde.
   *Moldavia 81 paras. 1(1884)/no. 4.
   *Moldavia 5 paras 1858. 17(1900).
   *Perforations. 19(1902).
   *Rumanie: een philatelistische blik over het jaar 1915. (R. Zoscsak). (from Deutsche Brief.-Zeit.). 33(May 1916).

Neue Sammlerschau.
   Uber die Briefmarken der DDSG. (A. v.Kalmar). (May 1949).

News of Hungarian Philately.  1970-present.  Society for Hungarian Philately.
   [index to be provided later - assistance is welcome]

The NSW Philatelist.  Philatelic Society of New South Wales.

Omaha Monthly Philatelist.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. 2(1902)/1. [=DDSG]

Oesterreichische Briefmarken Zeitung.
   *Moldavia. 2(1898)/2, 20.

OPAL.  Oriental Philatelic Association of London.
   [anything interesting here?]

The Perfins Bulletin.
   Notes on Romanian Perfins. (V. Maxa). 27(1974)/1, 5-6.

Philadelphia Stamp News.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. Auction Prices. 2(1911)/59. [=DDSG]
   Roumania 1908. (P.M. Mann). 4(1914)/567-8.
   Notes on Roumania 1902-5 1 ban. 4(1914)/755-7.
   Notes on Roumania 1872-9. (P. Dengler). 4(1914)/831-4.

   *Moldau. (H. Roggenstroh). 3(1890)/no. 8, 9.

Philatelic Californian.
   Die varieties of the 1862-4 issue. (H.H. Zobel). 1(1893)/37-9.
   The Roumanian issue of 1865. (H.H. Zobel). 1(1893)/175-6, 193-4.

Philatelic Chronicle and Advertiser.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. Reprints. (W.R.L. Joynt). 2(1892)/105. [=DDSG]

Philatelic Gazette.  1910-18.
   Stray Notes on New Issues. (L.G. Quackenbush). 4(1914)/39-40.
   Memories of an Old Philatelist. (Eugen Lentz). Serialized in vol. 8, 1918, numbers 2 to 11. [See the notes under Russian Philatelist.]

Philatelic Journal of America.
   Catalog listing. 5(1889)/39-41.
   Moroiu forgeries and reply. 5(1889)/205; 6(1890)/239.
   Roumania 1862. (E. von Horrak). (from Postwertzeichenkunde). 11(1894)/134-6.
   Silistria issue. 24(1914)/357-9.

Philatelic Journal of Great Britain.
   *Minor varieties. 3(1892)/87.
   G.B. Duerst at Manchester Philatelic Society. 5(1895)/49.
   Roumania. (G.B. Duerst & W.D. Beckton). 5(1895)/75, 101-3, 123-6, 139-42, 159-61, 171-3, 194-7, 221-4; 6(1896)/34-7.
   Kustendje-Czernawoda. (E. von Neulinger). 5(1895)/138. [The Postage Stamps of Turkey, from Der Philatelist] [=DBSR]
   T.B. Morton & Co. (E. von Neulinger). 5(1895)/154-5. [=Morton]
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   Moldavia - Reprints or Forgeries? (G.B. Duerst). 13(1903)/19-21, 43.
   *Sale of Remainders. 17(1907)/263.
   *1890 issue. (C.H. Coote). 18(1908)/144.
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   *1893 25 bani double strike. (A.J. Sefi). 45(1935)/230.
   !The Postage Stamps of Moldo-Wallachia, 1862-4. (R. Zoscsak & J. von Witzleben). 46(1936)/41-3, 61-4, *93, *111, 125-8, 144-6, 182-5, 198-200; 47(1937)/30. Others?
   1900 25 bani double impression. (P.L. Pemberton). 47(1937)/71.
   *1872-79 issues. (F. Moldehnke). 48(1938)/138.
   *Varieties of 1866, 1868 issues. (P.L. Pemberton). 50(1940)/91.
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   *Romanian Classics Faked. 66(1956)/60.
   The varieties of watermark and paper of the issues 1893-1918. (F. Konrad). (from Berner Brief.-Zeit.). 68(1958)/25-7.
   *BATH Embossing. (A.L. Pemberton). 68(1958)/41.

Philatelic Journal of India.
   Perforations of the Stamps of 1879-90. (W.D. Beckton). (from S. Gibbons Monthly Jour.). 4(1900)/150.
   The Stamps of Roumania. (E.W. Wetherell). 7(1903)/42-9, 101-7, 140-3, 227-9, 251-2, 266-8, 304-5, 324-6; 8(1904)/4-5, 79-80, 148-50, 181-2, 210-3, 250-6, 268-70, 305-7, 351-2, 389-92.

Philatelic Literature Review.  American Philatelic Research Library.  First series, 1942-1949; second series, 1950-present.
   Philatelic Literature on Romania. (D. Heller). 24(1975)/4-36.
   Annotated Index of the Postal Treaties of the World, 1666-1879. (J. Geraci). 41(1992)/208-263. [Consolidated Treaty Series]

Philatelic Magazine.
   *15 bani 1893 types. (C.J. Byrne). no. 106.
   *The Postwar issues of the Levant. (D.B. Armstrong). no. 207.
   Moldavian Bulls are a Hundred years old. (P. Hamilton). 66(1958)/461-2.
   *Hungarian Hotel posts. 68(1960)/666.
   *Bistra post. (L.N. & M. Williams). 69(1961)/426. [=Bistra]
   *Roumania: the 1866-67 issue. (F.P.N. Parsons). (Dec. 1970).

Philatelic Record.
   Roumanian Postcards. (Campbell). 1(1879)/42-3, 111-3; 3(1881)/89-91.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. 16(1894)/185; 21(1899)/44. [=DDSG]
   *Perforations of the stamps of 1879-90. (W.D. Beckton). (From S. Gibbons Monthly Journal). 22(1900)/116.
   *1862 issue. 22(1900)/233.
   Secret marks and flaws. (A. Reinheimer). (From Der Philatelist). 27(1905)/137-40.
   *Forgeries of 1862, 1872. 27(1905)/61.
   *25 bani error of 1893. 27(1905)/64.
   *1898 issue errors. 28(1906)/43.
   *An unknown Moldavian. 28(1906)/139.
   *Charity stamps. 28(1906)/139.
   *1885 3 bani printed both sides. 28(1906)/197.
   *1906 issue. (G.B. Duerst). 29(1907)/6.
   *Stray notes on Romania. (C.H. Coote). 30(1908)/108.
   *1906 errors in exhibition series. 30(1908)/155.
   *Design of 1890 issue. (C. Alston). 30, no.6.
   *Proofs. (G.B.Duerst). 36(1917)/19.

Philatelic Research Institute Newsletter.
   Wholesale Suspects of Romania 1893. 3(Oct.-Nov. 1967)/4-5; 3(Dec. 1967)/5.
   Sensational Discovery of Old Government Stamp Stocks [Romania 1918 remainders]. 3(Oct.-Nov. 1967)/5; 4(Mar.-Apr. 1968)/2-5.
   Note - nothing here is to be "taken at face value".  The Philatelic Research Society, later the Philatelic Research Institute, was a shill for Adolph Ernst in his battles with respected experts over counterfeits of Austrian stamps.  Ernst was expelled from the APS and ASDA over this affair; cf. the book by D.F. Russell listed previously.

Philatelic Review.
   *Moldavia. (M. Hubsch). (1918).

Philatelic West and Camera News.
   *Kustendje-Czernawoda. (1903). [=DBSR]
   *The Stamps of Romania. (Comte d'Assche). (from Philateliste Francais).

The Philatelical Journal.
   *Notes on the first issue of Roumania. (W.A.S. Westoby). 1(1872)/26.
   *The first two issues of Moldavia. (Dr. Magnus). (from le Timbre Poste). 1(1872)/194.
   *T.B. Morton & Co. (March 1872). [=Morton]
   *Forgeries and bogus stamps. (E.L. Pemberton). 2(1873)/10.

Philatelie International.
   *Pariser Ausgabe 1872-1880. (Scherrer). (1969)/no. 2.

Philatelische Berichte. (Friedemann).
   *Zeitungsschleifen mit einer halben 3 bani marke erganzt. 1(1872)/no. 3.
   *Falschungen der 54, 81, 108 para. 3(1874)/no. 18.
   *Deutsche Besetzten in Rumänien. (1919)/no. 103; (1921).

Philatelischer Borsen Courier.
   *Moldau. (H. Roggenstroh). 5(1890)/no. 8, 9, 12.
   *Die Postkarten. (H. Roggenstroh). 6(1891)/no. 20, 21, 24.

Der Philatelist.
   *Streifband grun auf gelb. (F. Bachmann). 2(1881)/no. 1.
   *Fehldrucke 5 bani rot und blau. 2(1881)/no. 4; 10(1889)/no. 7.
   *Taxa de plata marken. 2(1881)/no. 6.
   *Gefalschte Moldau-marken auf echten alten Briefstucken. (W. Herrmann). 8(1887)/141
   Ein grossartiger Schwindel mit Moldau-Rumänischen Briefmarken. (D. Steiner). 10(1889)/108.
   Moldau Marken von 1854. 12(1891)/317.
   *1894 Issues wmk. PR. 15(1894)/43.
   Rumänien. (G.B. Duerst). 18(1897)/78-81, 128-31, 179-82, 216-9, 289-93, 355-6, 393-6.
   Rumänien. (W. Hesse). 24(1903)/10-11.
   Stecherzeichen und Plattenfehler bei Rumänien, ausgabe 1885-9. (A. Reinheimer). 26(1905)/110-2.

Der Philatelist. (Bucarest).
   *Gar keine verfalschung, Cuza 20 paras. (1885)/no. 2.

Le Philateliste Francais.
   *The Stamps of Romania. (Comte d'Assche).

The Philatelist.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. 1(1867)/20; 2(1868)/44, 123; 5(1871)/98; 6(1872)/2. [=DDSG]
   Forgeries of Moldavia (E.L. Pemberton). 2(1868)/53, 66-7.
   The Spud Papers - Danubian Principalities. (W.D. Atlee). 5(1871)/22-4.
   *The Spud Papers - Danube Steam Navigation Co. 5(1871)/104; 7(1873)/90, 128. [=DDSG]
   Telegraph stamps. 6(1872)/159-60.

The Philatelist. (R. Lowe).
   The Kustendje-Czernawoda Railway. (E.F. Hurt). (Dec. 1942). [=DBSR]
   *Kurhaus Hohe-Rinne. 4(?)/190. [=HoheRinne]
   Sperati Forgeries. (R. Lowe). 22(1958)/129.
   Private Posts of the World's Shipping Companies. 38(1971-2)/35-8, 76-8, 176-81, 189.

Le Philatéliste Belge.  first series, 1921-1940.
   Display at Societé Philatélique Belge, R. Poncelet. no. 20(15 May 1923)/619, 625-26.
   Quelques notes sur les Timbres Roumains jusqu'en 1872. (R. Poncelet). special number(24 May 1924)/11-15.
   Roumanie: retouches. (R. Poncelet). no. 106(31 Jul 1930)/141-45.
   L'Exposition philatelique nationale de Bucarest. no. 135(1932)/211; no. 138(1933)/63.
   !Les Timbres des Principautés Danubiennes et de la Roumanie (1858 a 1872). (R. Poncelet). 29 issues between no. 135(Dec. 1932) and no. 175(Aug. 1936). Others?

Le Philatéliste Belge.  second series, 1940's-.
   La Poste imperiale russe dans les Principautes roumaines. (E. Cohen). no. 88(1957)/25-30.
   *Danube Steam Navigation Co. (E.C. de Meaultsart). (Sept. 1957). [=DDSG]
   Moldavie. (E.C. de Meaultsart). no. 93(1958)/13.
   Quelques nouveaux moyens d'expertise graphiques des timbres des emissions 1869-72. (V. Bobeica). no. 94(1958)/27-9.
   Moldavie. (K. Kolb). no. 96(1958)/64-71.

Philatelistisches Echo.
   *Uber die Marken von Rumänien seit 1885. (P. Kleeberg). (1905)/no.2, 4, 5, 6.

Philatelistische Mitteilungen.
   *Moldavie. (H. Birnbach). (Sept. 1925).

Philatelistische Presse. (Czernowitz).
   *Die Philatelie in Rumänien. (N. Hofmeister). 1(1887)/no. 1.

Philatisme.  Antwerp, Belgium.
   *Étude sur les Faux de Roumanie. (J. Bastin). (1937-39).

   *Musical errors on Stamps. (Posell). 2(Dec. 2, 1946)/272-4.

Philotelia. (Athens).
   *Greek offices in Romania, articles in Greek. 8(1931)/192; 9(1932)/14; 15(1938)/115; 20(1943)/41, 57, 72; 21(1944)/58; 22(1945)/118; 30(1953)/15, 50, 115.
   *Roumanian stamps, articles in Greek. 15(1938)/120; 26(1949)/92.
   *La lettre au cachet Oreava autricien. (S.J. Macrymicholos & H. Aubert). 30(1953)/76, 94, 107.
   *Le cachet du bureau de poste Grec de Galatz. (F.G. Monteccucoli). 9(1932)/14.
   *Les agences postales Grecques en Moldovalachie. (A. Argyropoulos). 20(1943)/41, 57.
   *Bucharest "Button" Type Mark. (P. Binicos). 43(1966)/161.

Pochta.  Australia and New Zealand Society of Russian Philately.  1986-present.
   Russian Censorship of Mail from Romania in World War I. (N.R. Banfield). no. 11(1992)/22-25.

Polar Philatelist.
   *Rumänische Polarforschung. (Weinhera). (1970)/154.

Polonus Philatelic Society Bulletin.
   *Romanian Occupation issues for East Galicia (Pokutia). (J. Czerniawski). (Jan. 1954). [=Pokutia]
   *Romanian Internment Camps 1939-1942. (T.J. Gobby). Nov.-Dec. 1986.

Die Post.
   Etwas uber die vier Moldau Marken von 1858. 4(1897)/?
   *Zwei verkannte Jubilaums-Ausgaben von Rumänien. (L. Senf). 18(1911)/61.
   *Rumänischen Briefmarken mit geschichtlichen Darstellung. (K. Br.). 36(1929)/128-9.
   *Die Probedrucke der Gedenkausgabe 1926. 36(1929)/146.

The Postage Stamp.
   *Foreign Post offices in Turkey. 2(1907)/52.
   *81 paras Moldavia. ("An Old Specialist"). 2(1907)/233, 245.
   *Errors. (Miss Fitte). 5(1907)/246.
   *Postage Dues. (L.W. Crouch). 7(1910)/43.
   *15 bani 1879. (P. Dengler). 18(1915)/264.
   Roumania, our newest Ally. (F.J. Melville). 18(1915)/287-8.
   *Moldavian Rarities. (F.J. Melville). 23(1918)/169.

Postal History Journal.  1957-present.
   *Romania: Not Fully Prepaid Mail and Other Allied Matters. (G. Sassower). June 1981.
   *The Man from Tierra del Fuego. (O. Hornung). Feb., Jun. 1983.
   *Postal Relations Between Austria and Russia in the Nineteenth Century. (W. Elias). no. 78, Feb. 1988. [via Kustendje, 1866]

Postal Markings.
   *From Four Lands. 5(1936)/115.
   *German Occupation. 7(1937)/10.

Postal Stationery.
   Romania - Newspaper Wrappers. (D. Heller). 16(1974)/137-9.

Postgeschichte.  Zurich, Hans R. Schwarzenbach, 1979-present.
   Einschreibegebühren nach Gewichtsprogression Rumänien-Frankreich 1869/75. (F. Heimbüchler). 19, no. 75(Aug. 1998)/9-13.
   Die Donauinsel Ada Kaleh. (K. Schlöpfer). 23, no. 90(Jun. 2002)/36-38.

Die Postmarke.  Vienna, 1922-1938.
   Die Buchdruckausgaben fur die k.u.k. Feldpost in Rumänien. (K. Klenert). (Dec. 1922)/5-6.
   *Die Briefmarken der D.D.S.G. (J. Sturany). no. 54-5(1923); no. 85-6(1924).
   Einiges uber die Post der DDSG. (E. Muller). no. 61-2(8 Dec 1929)/16-9.
   *Die Erste rumanische Briefmarkenausstelung in Bukarest. (R. Zoscsak). (1925)/6.
   *Die Landespost in Rumänien. (P. Kleeburg). (1926)/302; (1927)/49, 158.
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   *Stiefkinder der Philatelie. (J.W. von Witzleben). (1928)/28.
   Halbierte marken von Rumänien bis 1872. (J.W. von Witzleben). no. 174(28 Aug. 1928)/165-6.
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   *Die Turk. Feldpostamter im Weltkrieg 1914-1923. (A. Passer). (1929)/258.
   Die Bogen-Drucksteine der 10 bani und 50 bani Notausgabe sowie de 15 bani von Rumänien. (J.W. von Witzleben). no. 245(5 Aug. 1931)/161-2.
   Geklarte und Ungeklarte Fragen bezuglich der fremden Posten in den Donaufurstentumern. (R. Zoscsak & J.W. von Witzleben). (1933, WIPA Festschrift)/20-3.
   *Die Briefmarken der rumanischen Besetzungsbehorden in Ostgalizien (Pokutia). (O.G. Boehm). (1934)/34. [=Pokutia]
   Einiges uber die 5 bani Fehldrucke der Ausgaben 1876/9 von Rumänien. (E. Cohen). (1935)/60-2.
   Druckproben der ersten Moldau ausgabe. (R. Zoscsak & J.W. von Witzleben). no. 334(30 April 1935)/101-2.
   *Das ende der osterreichische Post in der Donaufurstentumern (1869-1879). (L. Kalmus). (1935)/200; (1936)/23, 55, 141.
   *Unbekannte oder wenig bekannte rumanische Abstempelungen. (O.G. Boehm). (1936)/299.
   for the period 1938-1943, see Sammler-Woche

Die Postmarke.  Vienna, postwar.
   *(postmarks). (E. Mueller and O.W. Friedl). (1947)/96-98.

Yamshchik, The Post-Rider.  Canadian Society of Russian Philately, 1977-present.
   Philatelic Shorts. (C.M. Trevers). no. 6(1980)/64-65. [=Transnistria]
   Transnistria - Some Notes on the Cancellations and Markings Used Under the Roumanian Administration. (C.M. Trevers). no. 10(1982)/8-31. [=Transnistria]
   A Look at Northern Bukovina Postal History. (R. Bell & A. Cronin). no. 10(1982)/32-50.
   A Special Warning About the So-Called Issue for the Roumanian Occupation of Odessa. (A. Cronin). no. 10(1982)/50; no. 18(1986)/57. [see no. 42]
   Philatelic Shorts. (A. Cronin). no. 10(1982)/68. [=Bucovina]
   Philatelic Shorts. (B. Pauk, M. Shmuely). no. 11(1982)/70-71. [=Bucovina]
   A Visit to the Public Records Office in London. (R.M. Bell). no. 12(1983)/5-9, no. 13(1983)/86. [British Military Mission in Romania, WWI]
   Philatelic Shorts. (J.V. Woolam). no. 16(1985)/70. [sample without value, 1940]
   The Holy War Against Bolshevism. (Ya. Afangulskii). no. 18(1986)/36-66. [1941 Romanian issues, p. 59-61]
   The Helsinki-St. Petersburg Railway and the First Finnish Postal Compartment Cancellations. (K. Hellman & J. Etkonen). no. 21(1987)/35. [Romanian card to Finland, 1878]
   Matters Moldavian. (A. Cronin). no. 25(1989)/41-67; no. 26(1990)/68-70; no. 27(1990)/65-68; no. 38(1996)/37-38,76. [=Bessarabia] [=Moldova]
   Staliniana. (Ya. Afangulskii). no. 26(1990)/54-63. [Braşov was Oraşul Stalin for a time]
   The Romanian Posts in Transnistria. (C. Marinescu). no. 29(1991)25-35. [=Transnistria]
   The Romanian Posts in Transnistria. (D.C. Biala). no. 29(1991)35. [=Transnistria]
   Opening Old Wounds. (Ya. Afangulskii). no. 29(1991)/64-65. [Bessarabia]
   A Listing of the Postal Outlets, Railway Stations, Towns, Hamlets and Village Councils of the Ukraine and the Postal Codes Assigned to Them. no. 30(1992)/7-9. [see next]
   Notes on the Ukrainian Postal Code System. (A. Cronin). no. 30(1992)/10-20. [includes Moldavian ASSR]
   The Fieldpost Service of the Russian Danubian Army During the 1877-1879 Campaign. (A. Epštein). no. 30(1992)/33-37.
   Philatelic Irredentism in Our Sphere. (A. Cronin). no. 34(1994)/37-39. [Romanian 1993 miniature sheet with map of Romania]
   Russian Postal Mail from Roumania (1916-1918). (A. Epštein). no. 34(1994)/55-66; no. 36(1995)/66-69; no. 38(1996)/32-35; no. 46(2000)/117.
   Editorial. (A. Cronin). no. 35(1994)/2-8; no. 35(1994)/76-77. [=PMR]
   Highlights of the Mail to "Der Staats-Anzeiger". (M. Hedley). no. 35 (1994)/22-25; no. 40(1997)/117. [mail from Moldavian ASSR]
   The Story of the Battleship "Potemkin". (Ya. Afangulskii). no. 36(1995)/39-40.
   Transnistrian Date Cancellations and Censor Markings. (D. Grecu & O. Reu). no. 36(1995)/46-59.
   Postcards for the Correspondence of POWs in the USSR. (D. Grecu). no. 38(1996)/53-62; no. 39(1996)/79.
   The Divisions of Roumanian Prisoners in the USSR. (D. Grecu). no. 39(1996)/59-63.
   New Data About the Mail of the "Tudor Vladimirescu" Division. (D. Grecu). no. 40(1997)/52-55.
   The Mail of the "Gheorghe Matei" Armoured Detachment. (D. Grecu). no. 40(1997)/55-56.
   The Russian Posts in Northern Bukovina During WWI. (A. Epštein). no. 41(1997)/67-70.
   The Austro-Hungarian Army in the Ukraine: March-November 1918. (D. Grecu). no. 41(1997)/73-82.
   Another Card of Romano-Soviet Military Cooperation. (A. Kugel). no. 41(1997)/117.
   The Activities of the Stolow Brothers in the Russian Sphere. (A. Cronin). no. 42(1998)/108-110; no. 43(1998)/88. [bogus Odessa siege issue] [see also Fakes, Forgeries, Experts, 2004]
   A Postcard from Bessarabia to Occupied Odessa in Transnistria. (V.M. Mohilnyj). no. 44(1999)/90-91; no. 45(1999)/90-91.
   Bessarabia: A Guberniya Postal History Project. (A. Cronin). no. 45(1999)/27-33.
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   Postal Reform [from the Daily Telegraph]. 1(15 Oct. 1863)/121. After advocating uniform international rates for all countries, as discussed at the recent International Postal Convention held in Paris, the author questions, among other things, "in what manner it will be appreciated by the Roumain Prince Couza, whose post-masters have hitherto been distinguished more by a propensity for stealing letters than for delivering them."
   1(15 Dec. 1863)/145. In response to a correspondent, probably a question about identifying a stamp, "The reprints of Moldavian are largely offered for sale just now."
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   [anything interesting here?]

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7. Guides and almanachs.

Guides - 1969, 1970-71 Almanachs - 1977

8. Exhibition Catalogs.

   EFIRO, Bucharest, 1932.
   Bucharest, 1958, 56 pp.
   Bucharest, Naţionala '77, June 1977.
   [more later]

9. Web pages.

   Mats Blückert  (includes more links)
   Dan Grecu, "The Romanian Postal-History Web Page"
   Fritz Heimbüchler
   Horst Scherrer
   Peter Elbau, about Bukovina
   [more later]

10. Omissions.

Several categories of literature are not included in the above listing.  These are the American Topical Association handbooks, some publications of the Romanian PTT, catalogs of Romanian philatelic exhibitions, and a bibliophile's listing of journals published in Romania.  Perhaps the most important omission is the monthly journal Filatelia, published since 1951 in Bucharest by the Philatelist's Association of the Socialist Republic of Romania.  It is hoped that a complete index to this will be compiled in the future; the Romanian-speaking collector will certainly want to consult this excellent magazine.

For a more general bibliography, the following are recommended:

Stephen A. Fischer-Galati. Rumania, a Bibliographic Guide. Washington, pub. Library of Congress, 1963. Reprinted: New York, pub. Arno, 1968, 75 pp.

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