CMPSC 311, Reading List for Final Exam

This list accumulates the textbook sections mentioned in the lecture notes and project assignments, since the second exam, with a few additions.  The Intro to Unix notes cover material that is not always in the reading assignments, so don't forget to review that.  Similarly, the Unix Command-Line Structure notes, and the c2html program, have useful code examples.  Don't forget to try the exercises that appear in the lecture notes.  Some review of material covered on the first and second exams might not be a bad idea, especially if it involves topics that were covered in more depth after the exam.

Bryant & O'Hallaron, CS:APP

King, CP:AMA
Anything involving pointers, linked lists, and make is considered important.

For the following topics, see the lecture notes:
For make and makefiles, see the lecture notes and projects.

Skill set (repeated from the Exam 1 reading list)