Anand Sivasubramaniam

ACM Fellow; IEEE Fellow;

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
W320 Westgate Building  
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Tel: (814)865-1406
Fax: (814)865-3176

Anand's research interests are in Computer architecture, Evaluation and Control of computer systems, Operating systems, and application of these topics to the areas of Sustainable Computing, Computing for Sustainability, Datacenter Design and Management, Cloud Computing, High-end Computing, Mobile and Embedded systems, Storage systems, Fault-tolerant and High-Assurance Systems. His current projects are in (i) Power management for Datacenters, (ii) Right-sizing and Provisioning of IT infrastructure for Datacenters (especially for tail latencies), (iii) Hardware and Software support for interacting with GPUs, TPUs, Accelerators and other Heterogeneous Components, (iv) Architectures and Systems software for Mobiles/Handhelds and IoT Platforms, and (v) Incorporating Smarter Storage and Memory Hierarchies in the full system stack.

Anand co-directs the Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL).


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