Theoretical Computer Science Group


Piotr Berman: Computational Molecular Biology, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Theory of Distributed Systems.

Martin Furer: Graph Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Molecular Biology, Computational Complexity, Graph Isomorphism Problem.

Sean Hallgren: Quantum Computing, Computational Complexity.

Sofya Raskhodnikova: Randomized and Approximation Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Sublinear Algorithms, Data Privacy.

Adam Smith: Cryptography and its connections with Information Theory, Statistics, Coding theory.

Affiliated Faculty

Viveck Cadambe (Department of Electrical Engineering): Information and Coding Theory, Distributed Data Storage Systems, Wireless Communication Systems, Communication Networks, Theory of Distributed Systems.

Paul Medvedev (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Computer Science & Engineering): Phylogenetics, Graph Theory, Computational Complexity, Online Algorithms, and Networking.