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Research Interests : VLSI Design, Electronics Design Automation, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems Design.

Highlight News:
--- A tutorial on Architectural Modeling for Emerging Memory Technologies was given at ISCA 2014.
--- Tao Zhang and Jishen Zhao successfully defended their Ph.D. dissertations in March, and joined Nvidia and HP Labs, respectively.
--- Congratulations to Ping Chi, Jue Wang, and Hsiangyun Cheng for 3 ISLPED 2014 papers.
--- Congratulations to Tao Zhang for ISCA 2014 paper.
--- Our team has 4 papers accepted by DAC 2014.
--- New book Emerging Memory Technologies: Design, Architecture, and Applications is published by Springer.
--- Jishen Zhao's paper Kiln: Closing the Performance Gap Between Systems With and Without Persistence Support received the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at MICRO-46.
--- ISLPED 2014 will be held in San Diego. Dr. Xie serves as the General co-chair.
--- ISLPED 2013 was held in Beijing on Sept.4-6, 2013. Dr. Xie serves as the TPC co-chair.
--- ASPDAC 2013 was held in Yokohama, Japan. Dr. Xie served as the TPC chair.
--- Guangyu Sun received 2012 EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award .
--- Best paper award at ISVLSI 2012 .
--- Best paper award at ISLPED 2011 .
--- Xiangyu Dong named ACM Student Research Contest winner and awarded at the ACM Awards Banquet on June 4, 2011.
--- More news....

Recent Chip Tapeout:
--- Two 3D chips taped out in 2009 by MITLL with 180nm and 3-layer stacking are back in 2010/9.
--- One chip taped out by MITLL with 130nm subthreshold SOI technology in 2010/7.
--- One 3D chip tapeout with IMEC at 32nm in 2010/7.
--- Two 3D chips taped out by Tezzaron and Globlefoundries in 130nm in 2010/3.

Selected Research Projects: (Click here for more details about his research)
--- [3DIC: EDA,Architecture and Application for Emerging 3D ICs]
--- [MAAEMO: Modeling, Architecture and Application for Emerging Memory Technologies]
--- [Variation Aware Design Methdologies]
--- [Soft Errors Analysis and Mitigation]
--- [Low Power and Thermal-Aware Design]
--- [Embedded System Synthesis/Design]


354E Information Science Technology Building
University Park, PA, 16802
Email: yuanxie AT cse dot psu dot edu
Phone: 814-865-7496
FAX: (814)-865-3176

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