CSE497b - Project #1 - Playpen Login

Due Date: February 1, 2007.

This "project" is to login to the Playpen system, and change your password (do not change the root password). You should also try out the function of your Playpen (use sudo, compile code, upload some programs you will wants, etc.). The main goal is to get you acclimated for future projects.

Follow these instructions:

  1. You will receive an email with your username, password, and Playpen IP address.

  2. You will login to your Playpen: username@ipaddr. Only ssh-based services (e.g., scp) in the inbound direction are possible.

  3. Change the password for your username to a new one. Do not change the root password.

  4. Add a line in /etc/ssh/ssh_config that says UseDNS no -- this will improve login performance.

    sudo echo "UseDNS no" >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart: restart SSH daemon

  5. Install gdb from Debian and download version gdb_6.4.90.dfsg-1ubuntu3_i386.deb. Installation instructions are available at here.

    Note: This is where you will notice that only ssh-based services are available. You can only use scp (inbound) to upload a file to the Playpen.

  6. Check your Playpen for other software of interest. You may download this as well. You are the admin.

Trent Jaeger