CMPSC 473 Student Survey - Spring 2008

Name ______________________________________________

Where (which PSU campus) and when (which semester) did you take the prerequisite courses?

CSE 103 or CMPSC 201C or CSE 121

CSE 120 or CSE 122

CSE 260

CSE 331

CSE 465

If you have not actually completed and passed CSE 331 and CSE 465 with a C or better, please see the instructor.

Which other Penn State CSE courses have you completed and passed?
231   271   275   312   412   413   415   418   420   421   426   428
430   431   441   447   451   455   456   457   458   460   467   468
471   472   473   477   478   479   481   485   486

Stat 318, 319; 414, 415; 418 (probability)

Have you taken a course similar to this one here or at another university?    Yes  No

Which programming languages do you know well?   C  C++  Java  C#  Other:

Which operating systems are you most familiar with (as a user)?

Windows   MS-DOS  95  98  Me  CE  NT  2000  XP  2003  Vista
Unix  SunOS  Solaris  AIX  IRIX  HP-UX  Digital  Tru64  OSF/1  Dynix  DG/UX
Linux  FreeBSD  NetBSD  OpenBSD  BSD/OS  GNU Hurd  Darwin
MacOS  BeOS  VMS  ChorusOS  NetWare  VxWorks  OS-9  PalmOS
OS/390  OS/400  MVS  VM/CMS  z/OS  z/VM  OS/2
Other (please specify)
If you own a computer,
    which operating system(s) do you run on it?
    how often do you run a virus scanner?
    do you have a firewall installed?
    do you have an SSH client installed? Have you ever actually read the documentation for the gcc compiler?  Yes  No   If No, then why?
      No one ever asked me to.        I tried but it made no sense. 
      I tried but couldn't find it.        What's the point?  I've been cheating all along. 

Have you ever actually read the terms of a software license?  Yes  No   If No, then why?

      No one ever asked me to.        I tried but it made no sense. 
      I just ignored it and hit the Accept button.       What's the point?  I steal all my software. 

For the following, if you have no idea what the question is about, just say so.

    What is the purpose of the Unix path variable?

    What information is given by the Unix ps command?

    In a make file, what is the role of a tab character?

    Which is faster, insertion sort or merge sort?

    What distinguishes a priority queue from an ordinary queue?

    Why is there no delete operator in Java?

    What is the difference between a pointer and an address?

    Is it always safe to cast a pointer to an integer type and then cast it back to the same pointer type?