I am an Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. I am also co-director of the Systems and Internet Infrastructure Security (SIIS) Lab, which is focused on the study of security in diverse network and computer environments. My main research area is computer security. I am interested in tools and techniques to enable developers to build higher integrity computer systems.

Recent News

Professor Jaeger has been awarded two NSF grants for Threat-Aware (Program) Defenses, CNS-1801534 with Gang Tan of PSU and Mathias Payer of Purdue/EPFL and Information Flow Control for Single-Use Services, CNS-1816282 with Danfeng Zhang of PSU.

See our recent papers on container system security published in 2018 USENIX Security and automated exploit generation techniques against CFI defenses in 2018 ACM CCS.

Professor Jaeger has been selected to serve as the General Chair for the Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium for 2019 and 2020. Look forward to seeing your there!

Professor Jaeger has been selected to serve as the Program Co-Chair for the 14th International Conference on Information Systems Security with Prof. Vinod Ganapathy of IISc for 2018. Look forward to your submissions!

And my students do great work which produced the news items and highlights below. I am always looking for motivated students interested in software and systems security.

More News

Current Research Highlights

Software Security

Xinyang Ge led work on "execution integrity," which aims to ensure that only approved code is executed and limited to legal control flows system-wide. See how to limit kernels only to approved code, 2014 MoST, enforce fine-grained CFI on kernels, 2016 IEEE Euro S&P, and enforce CFI using Intel PT, 2017 ASPLOS. Xinyang now works at Microsoft Research. See also his papers in 2017 NDSS and 2017 MobiSys and his work at MSR.

Xinyang Ge

Cloud Security

Yuqiong Sun has led work in enhancing the security mechanisms of cloud platforms to prevent tampering of user computing. See work on Linux Security Namespaces for containers, 2018 USENIX Security 2018, and running cloud services under information flow control, 2016 ACSAC, and least privilege, 2015 IEEE Cloud. Yuqiong now works for Symantec Labs. See also his papers, ACM CCSW 2014 and SERVICES 2013.

Yuqiong Sun

Android Security

Giuseppe Petracca has led work on controlling an app's ability to access the sensors on mobile devices to protect user privacy. See his papers in the 2017 USENIX Security Symposium and 2015 ACSAC and recent work controlling voice assistant's use of sensors. He has also participated extensively in our cloud security research program. Giuseppe graduated in 2018 now works at Lyft. See also his papers in 2017 ACM SACMAT and 2016 IEEE MILCOM.

Giuseppe Petracca

Operating Systems Security Book

My book, Operating System Security, was published by Morgan & Claypool in 2008. This book examines the concepts and techniques applied in the construction of "secure operating systems." Morrie Gasser published Building a Secure Computer System in 1988, which covers the foundations that we envisioned would be used to build secure computer systems (which I highly recommend), but my book covers experiences with those foundations and the subsequent concepts and techniques that have been developed in the following 20 years. Please let me know if you have comments.