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Zhu, Sencun 

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering &
College of Information Sciences and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University

338F Information Sciences and Technology Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814)-865-0995
FAX:   (814)-865-3176
Email:  szhu  (AT)

Spring 2017 Office Hours:1-3pm,Tuesday.


Biography & Research
Sencun Zhu received the B.S. degree in Precision Instruments from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1996 and the M.S. degree in Signal Processing from University of Science and Technology of China, Graduate School at Beijing,  in 1999. He received the PhD degree in Information Technology from George Mason University in 2004.

His research interests include network and systems security and software security. Currently he is working on issues related to ad hoc and sensor network security, cellphone security, and security and privacy in online social networks. His research is funded by NSF and ARL. He is a member of the Networking and Security Research Center and is also affiliated with the Cyber Security Lab.


Current Teaching

Recent Professional Activities

  • Conference Organization: (Please submit your papers)
    • PC Co-chair: The 31st Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy (DBSec 2017), July 17-19, 2017 Philadelphia. (Submission deadline:March 6. Notification: Apr. 26)
    • PC Co-chair: Securecomm 2017, Niagara Fall, Ontario, CA.
    • General Co-chair: IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS 2017), Las Vegas, Oct. 9-11, 2017. (Submission deadline:Apr. 14. Notification: Jun. 23)
  • TPC Member:   Infocom 2017, WiSec 2016, ESORICS 2016, Securecomm 2016.
  • Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC, 2015-)

Recent Publications (a complete list)


         C. Ren, P. Liu, S. Zhu. WindowGuard: Systematic Protection of GUI Security in Android. To appear in Proceedings of The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), 2017.

         H. Huang, C. Zheng, J. Zeng, W. Zhou, S. Zhu, P. Liu, S. Chari, C. Zhang. Android Malware Development on Public Malware Scanning Platforms: A Large-scale Data-driven Study. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Big Data (BigData), 2016

         L. Luo, Y. Fu, D. Wu, S. Zhu and P. Liu. Repackage-proofing Android Apps.Proceedings of The 46th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), 2016.

         Z. Xie, S. Zhu, Q.Li and W. Wang. You Can Promote, But You Canít Hide: Large-Scale Abused App Detection in Mobile App Stores. Proceedings of Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2016.

         H. Huang, S. Zhu, K. Chen and P. Liu. From System Services Freezing to System Server Shutdown in Android: All You Need Is a Loop in an Application. Proceedings of the 22th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2015.


Students & Visiting Scholars:

  • Current:    Yuanyi Sun(PhD), Sha Liu(PhD), Lupin Yuan(PhD, co-advise with Peng Liu), Mshabab Alrizah(PhD, co-advise with Xinyu Xing)
  • Graduated:  Chuangan Ren (PhD, Google, co-advise with Peng Liu), Chu Huang (PhD, Amazon), Heqing Huang(PhD, co-advise with Peng Liu, IBM TJ Watson), Xin Chen (PhD,Google), Zhen Xie (PhD, Paypal), Ying Chen (PhD, co-advise with Heng Xu,Paypal),†† Fangfang Zhang (PhD, FireEye), Zhi Xu (PhD, Palo Alto Networks), Wei Xu (PhD, Palo Alto Networks), Yi Yang (PhD, FontBonne University), Xinran Wang (PhD, Shapes Security), Liang Xie (PhD, Broadcom), Hung-yuan Hsu (PhD, co-advise with Ali Hurson, Samsung Mobile), Leonel Bueno (MS, Deloitte), Oh Young-Hyun (MS), Nazneen Irani(MS, co-advise, Deloitte), Ashwin Chaugule (MS, Qualcom), Lei Zhang (MS).
  • Visiting scholars:Xing Liu( Beijing Jiaotong University), Yongzhong He (Beijing Jiaotong University, 2014-2015),Xiaochuan Shi (Wuhan University, 2013-2014), Quanlong Guan (Jinan University, 2012-2013), Wenping Chen (Renmin University, 2008-2009, China), Zhengdao Zhang (Jiangnan University, 2010-2011), Tianzhen Chen (BIT, 2009-2011).

Essays:  (in Chinese)