Sofya Raskhodnikova

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University

In 2013--2014, on sabbatical leave at Boston University for a special Privacy Year

My research interests include sublinear-time algorithms (in particular, property testing), private data analysis, approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms and complexity theory. I am a member of the theory group. I got my PhD from MIT in 2003. From the fall of 2003 to 2006, I worked at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics.

If you are interested in joining our CSE graduate program, please look at for information on admission and a description of the program. Research assistantships are available for strong candidates interested in working in algorithms and theory. Make sure to indicate "algorithms" or "theoretical computer science" or the name of a faculty member you are interested in working with if you want our group to consider you. Our department receives many applications, and I cannot review all of them personally.

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  • Area editor for Encyclopedia of Algorithms, 2nd Edition
  • Guest editor for Theory of Computing (an open access journal) for the Special Issue on APPROX-RANDOM 2013.
  • Program committee chair for
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  • Lecturer for 2011 Program for Women and Mathematics (Institute for Advanced Study), a course on sublinear algorithms
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