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Peifeng Yin
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
State College, PA, USA

E-mail:   pzy102@cse.psu.edu
MSN:   ypftxbb@hotmail.com

Basic Information

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of PSU.
My advisor is Dr. Wang-Chien Lee.
My current research interest is (i) user behavior modeling in social web and (ii) search and recommendation on (location-based) social network


  • 08/24/2009 - Present: Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • 09/01/2005 - 07/01/2009: B.S., Computer Science, University of Science and Technology of China

    Ph.D. Progress

    March, 2010: Pass Ph.D. Candidacy Exam


  • Peifeng Yin, Ping Luo, Min Wang, Wang-Chien Lee. App recommendation: a contest between satisfaction and temptation. to appear in WSDM 2013.
  • Peifeng Yin, Ping Luo, Min Wang, Wang-Chien Lee. A straw shows which way the wind blows: ranking potentially popular items from early votes. WSDM 2012: 623-632.
  • Mao Ye, Dong Shou, Wang-Chien Lee, Peifeng Yin, Krzysztof Janowicz. On the semantic annotation of places in location-based social networks. KDD 2011: 520-528.
  • Wei Luo, Peifeng Yin, Frank Hardisty, Justine Blanford, Alan M. MacEachren. Spatial social network visual analytic tool. The 107th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. GIS-LBSN 2011: 65-68
  • Mao Ye, Peifeng Yin, Wang-Chien Lee, Dik Lun Lee. Exploiting geographical influence for collaborative point-of-interest recommendation. SIGIR 2011: 325-334.
  • Peifeng Yin, Wang-Chien Lee, Ken C.K. Lee. On top-k social web search. CIKM 2010: 1313-1316.
  • Mao Ye, Peifeng Yin, Wang-Chien Lee. Location recommendation for location-based social networks. GIS 2010: 458-461. Best Poster Award

    Professional Experiences

  • Fall 2012: Research Assistant in StudioLab, Pennsylvania State University;
  • Summer 2012: Intern in HP Research Labs at China;
  • Spring 2011, Fall 2011: Research Assistant in StudioLab, Pennsylvania State University;
  • Summer 2011: Intern in HP Research Labs at China;
  • Spring 2011: Teaching Assistant of CMPSC 431w (Introduction to Database Management Systems);
  • Fall 2010: Teaching Assistant of CMPSC 200 (Programming for Engineers with MATLAB);
  • Spring 2010: Teaching Assistant of CMPEN 270 (Digital Design: Theory and Practice);
  • Fall 2009: Teaching Assistant of CMPEN 271 (Introduction to Digital Systems);


  • Event-based social network (in progress). This work is to analyze the structure of event-based social network and compare its difference and similarity with conventional social network. Furthermore, we aim to explore the mutual influence between online and offline social interactions among users.
  • User account classification (in progress). This work aims to develop a user classification framework to classify Twitter accounts into human and non-human classes. The classification is based on several types of features such as time, space, text and sentiment.
  • Recommendation system in location-based social network (LBSN). This work aims to develop a location recommendation framework in LBSN. The underline algorithm is based on collaborative filtering and enriched with social and spatial information.
  • Framework for Social Web Search. This work is to develop a search framework for social web where textual relevance and social influence are both considered to rank the document during search.
  • Multi-network analytic tool. This is a tool for assisting analysis and reasoning of a multi-layer network, which consists of three views, namely, Node-link view, Dendrogram view and Map view.
  • Web Flow Analyzer. It is a simple tool for recording web flow from the server to client. Based on these recorded data, some interestings things are revealed. Cleck here for details.
  • Web Spider. An crawling program that automatically fetches web pages from targeted web site and extracts desired information based on predefined parsing rules. The framework of Jar file can be download here.
  • Html Parser. A package that help parsing html file in SAX mechanism. The Jar file can be download here.

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