Structure in DSCPACK DSCPACK1.0
Domain-Separator Parallel Sparse Solvers.

DSCPACK: a parallel direct solver.
Author: P. Raghavan.

DSCPACK-IC: a parallel direct-iterative-hybrid solver.
Authors: K. Teranishi and P. Raghavan
Structure in DSCPACK-IC DSCPACK1.0

DSCPACK can be used to solve sparse linear systems using direct methods on multiprocessors and networks-of-workstations. This package is suitable for systems where the coefficient matrix is symmetric and sparse. This solver is written in C; it uses MPI for inter-processor communication and the BLAS library for improved cache-performance.

Interfaces to DSCPACK are available through well-established problem solving environments including the PETSc Toolkit for Scientific Computing from the Argonne National Laboratory, and the Trilinos Software from Sandia National Laboratories. Dscpack has been distributed to over 50 sites since 2000 and is in active use in several projects including a crack-modeling project at NASA and the Salinas project at Sandia National Laboratories.

Reference:   DSCPACK: Domain-Separator Codes for the parallel solution of sparse linear systems, P. Raghavan, Tech. Rep. CSE-02-004, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, 2002.
Author: P. Raghavan E-mail:

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  • Software DSCPACK-IC

  • A Parallel Direct-Iterative Hybrid Solver Through Flexible Incomplete Cholesky Preconditioning
    Author: K. Teranishi and P. Raghavan
  • This solver provides scalable hybrids using incomplete Cholesky with thresholding (ICT) with selective inversion (ICT-SI) or selective sparse approximate inversion (ICT-SSAI) to allow latency tolerant parallel application of the preconditioner.
    Click here for the performamce of these schemes on augustus7 (dimension over 1 million).
    Click here for a presentation describing ICT-SI and ICT-SSAI hybrid solvers.
  • This software is based on new schemes developed in K. Teranishi's thesis.
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