Group News

  • Postdoc position available! To apply, please send your CV to Paul. Start date is flexible and position subject to finalization of funding.

  • Check out a new video about our Genomic Sciencies Insitute.

  • Our paper on representing de Bruijn graphs was accepted for publication at RECOMB 2014. Read more here.

  • Our ISMB paper on base calling of Ion Torrent data is featured in GenomeWeb. Read the GenomeWeb article here.

  • KmerGenie wins Best Paper award at HiTSeq! Read more about KmerGenie here.

  • Our paper on improving the accuracy of reads from the Ion Torrent sequencer was accepted for publication at ISMB 2013. Read more here.

  • Our paper on automating the choice of the k-mer size in genome assembly was accepted for presentation at HiTSeq 2013. Read more here.

Current Courses

  • Data Structures and Algorithms, CMPSC465, Spring 2014.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures in Bioinformatics, CSE597C / BMMB598F, Spring 2014.


  • FlowgramFixer : base-caller for IonTorrent sequencing data
  • KmerGenie : k-mer size selection for genome assembly
  • Hammer : error-correction of high-throughput sequencing datasets
  • CNVer : method for detecting copy number variation
  • Bidirected network flow solver (download).