Current Students
Graduated Students

Ph.D Students

Wei Zhang Leakage Energy Optimizations and Their Implications.
Graduated: 8/03
Ismail Kadayif Compiler Directed Energy Estimation and Optimization for Uniprocessors and Multiprocessor System-on-a-Chip Architectures.
Graduated: 8/03
Victor De La Luz Puebla Energy Management for Multi-Bank Memory Architectures.
Graduated: 8/03
Suleyman Tosun Reliability-Centric System Design for Embedded System.
(co-advised by Prof. N. Mansouri-Syracuse University)

Graduated: 6/05 [Syracuse University]
Murali Vilayannur Runtime Support for Effective Memory Management in Large-Scale Applications.
(co-advised by Prof. A. Sivasubramaniam)

Graduated: 8/05
Hendra Saputra Security Issues in Embedded System Design.
(co-advised by Prof. V. Narayanan)

Graduated: 12/05
Guangyu Chen Java Virtual Machine for Resource Constrained Environments.
Graduated: 8/06
Aman Gayasen Implications of Future Technologies on the Design of FPGAs.
(co-advised by Prof. V. Narayanan)

Graduated: 12/06
Ozcan Ozturk Compiler-Directed Memory Hierarchy Design and Management in Chip Multiprocessors.
Graduated: 5/07
Feihui Li Software and Hardware Optimizations for NoC Based Chip Multiprocessor.
Graduated: 8/07
Guilin Chen Compiler-Directed Solutions for Transient Hardware Errors.
Graduated: 12/07
Seung Woo Son Software-Based Disk Power Management for Scientific Applications.
Graduated: 8/08
Hakduran Koc Data Recomputation Based Optimizations in Embedded Systems.
Graduated: 12/08 [Syracuse University]
Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan Software-Based Techniques for Robust Computing on Chip Multiprocessors.
Graduated: 12/08
John Sustersic The Control, Communication and Computation Language: Completing the Design Cycle in Complex Distributed System Development. (co-advised by Prof. S. Phoha)
Graduated: 5/09
Taylan Yemliha Scheduling Techniques for Embedded Applications
Graduated: 5/09 [Syracuse University]
Yang Ding Dynamic Resource Management for Energy-efficiency and Quality-of-Service in Chip Multiprocessors.
Graduated: 12/10
Christina Patrick Minimizing End-to-End Interference in I/O Stack Spanning Shared Multi-Level Buffer Cache Hierarchies.
Graduated: 5/11
Shekhar Srikantaiah Dynamic Shared Resource Management for Providing Predictable Performance in Multicore Processors.
Graduated: 8/11
SaiPrasanth Muralidhara Reducing Interference in Memory Hierarchy Resources Using Application-Aware Management.
Graduated: 8/11
Yuanrui Zhang Cache-Aware Application Parallelization and Optimization for Multicores.
Graduated: 8/11
Ramya Prabhakar Shared Storage Resource Management to Provide Predictable Performance.
Graduated: 3/12

Masters Students

Samarjeet S. Tomar Characterizing and Optimizing Memory Energy in Java.
Graduated: 5/01
Amisha P. Parikh Energy-Aware Instruction Scheduling.
Graduated: 5/01
Priya Unnikrishnan Dynamic Compilation and Optimizations for Embedded Systems.
Graduated: 12/02
Avanti Nadgir Access Pattern Based Leakage Energy Management for Caches.
Graduated: 12/03
Serdar Erkan Linear Programming Based Solutions for UxV Optimization Problems.
Graduated: 5/07
Adaeze Ibeneche Studying Performance Constrained Message Replication in NOC Based Architectures.
Graduated: 12/07
Shengyan Hong A Novel Shared Cache Management Scheme for CMPs.
Graduated: 8/08
Piyou Song Operating System Support for CMPs.
Graduated: 8/08
Ryan Prins Multi-UUV Cooperative Search for Time-Constrained MCM Reconnaissance.
Graduated: 8/09
Rajat Garg Optimizing Storage System Power and Performance.
Graduated: 5/11
Jonathan Barton Scientific Server Simulation with Admission Control.
Graduated: 5/11
Umut Orhan A Cache Topology Aware Multi-Query Scheduler for Multicore Architectures.
Graduated: 8/11
Jithendra Srinivas Adaptive Applications: Reacting to OS/System Resource Partitioning Decisions: Tiling Case Study.
Graduated: 11/11
Mahmut Aktasoglu A Workload Mapping Method for Multicore Systems Using Cross-Run Statistics.
Graduated: 7/12