Dept of Computer Science
Pennsylvania State University
W322 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802, USA
Phone: (814) 863-4888
Fax: (814) 865-3176
Email: mtk2 at
Short CV

Brief Biography

Mahmut Kandemir is a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a member of the Microsystems Design Lab. Dr. Kandemir's research interests are in optimizing compilers, runtime systems, mobile systems, embedded systems, I/O and high performance storage, non volatile processors and memory. He is the author of more than 150 journal publications and over 650 conference/workshop papers in these areas. He graduated 32 Ph.D. and 20 masters students so far, and is currently advising/coadvising 15 Ph.D. students and 5 masters students. He served in the program committees of 40 conferences and workshops. He is a member of Hall of Fame for conferences such as MICRO, ISCA and HPCA . His research is/was funded by NSF, DOE, DARPA, SRC, Intel and Microsoft. He is a recipient of NSF Career Award and the Penn State Premier Research Award. He is a Fellow of IEEE. Between 2008-2012 and 2017, he served as the Graduate Coordinator of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Penn State.

Recent Highlights

  • Opportunistic Computing in GPU Architectures, accepted in ISCA 2019
  • Quantifying Data Locality in Dynamic Parallelism in GPUs, SIGMETRICS 2019
  • SOML Read: Rethinking the Read Operation Granularity of 3D NAND SSDs, ASPLOS 2019
  • FUSE: Fusing STT-MRAM into GPUs to Alleviate Off-Chip Memory Access Overheads, HPCA 2019
  • TPC Chair of International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) 2019.
  • IAA: Incidental Approximate Architectures for Extremely Energy-Constrained Energy Harvesting Scenarios using IoT Nonvolatile Processors, Micro 2018
  • NEOFog: Nonvolatility-Exploiting Optimizations for Fog Computing, ASPLOS 2018
  • PEN: Design and Evaluation of Partial-Erase for 3D NAND-Based High Density SSDs, FAST 2018
  • Invalid Data-Aware Coding to Enhance the Read Performance of High-Density Flash Memories, MICRO 2018
  • CHAMELEON: A Dynamically Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Memory System, MICRO 2018
  • CritICs Critiquing Criticality in Mobile Apps, MICRO 2018
  • FlashShare: Punching Through Server Storage Stack from Kernel to Firmware for Ultra-Low Latency SSDs, OSDI 2018
  • Enhancing computation-to-core assignment with physical location information, PLDI 2018