Location & Time

TR 9.45 AM-11.00 AM
107 Sackett Building


Kamesh Madduri
Office hours:
TR 12.30 PM-2.00 PM (343E IST)
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Hongyuan Zhan
Office hours:
MWF 10 AM-11 AM (350 IST)

Important Dates

Jan 12. First class
Feb 18. HW1 due
Mar 01. Midterm exam
Mar 15. HW2 due
Apr 15. HW3 due
Apr 25. Mini project due
May 05. Final exam


This class introduces students to parallel programming and the design of parallel algorithms for scientific applications. We will also study challenges with concurrent execution and synchronization on current shared- and distributed-memory systems, and solution techniques. If you have already taken CSE 557, you must not take CMPSC 450.


Parallel Algorithm Design and Analysis
Models for algorithm analysis, Sources of concurrency, Overview of current parallel systems.
High-performance Parallel Programming
Programming models and libraries (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA), Optimizations for serial performance, Memory locality
Parallelization Techniques
Divide and conquer, Balanced trees, Pointer jumping, Pipelining, Randomization.
Dense linear algebra, Sparse matrix computations, Sorting, FFT, N-body methods, Graph Analytics.


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Schedule, Lecture notes

Please join the class on Piazza.


Georg Hager and Gerhard Wellein, Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers, CRC Press, 2010.


CMPSC 121, CMPSC 201 or CMPSC 202 (students must be proficient in sequential programming and C/C++); MATH 220; MATH 230 or MATH 231.

Class material

Homework assignments will be posted on Angel. We will use Piazza for class discussions and announcements. Lecture slides and other resources will also be available on Piazza.

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