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John (Jack) Sampson

Assistant Professor

Dorothy Quiggle Faculty Development Assistant Professorship

Contact information:
Email - [lastname]@cse.psu.edu
Office - W324 Westgate Building
    University Park, PA 16802
Phone - Ext. 57496
CSE Department, School of EECS, College of Engineering, PSU

Status: Assistant Professor at Penn State since August, 2013
OH for FA 2017: M 2:30-3:30, T/R 3:30-4:15 or by appointment
µBio: PhD, Computer Science (Computer Engineering) UCSD, 2010; BS, EECS, UC Berkeley, 2002
Publication Summary: Cites: 1745; H-index: 17 (via Google Scholar @ Sept 30th, 2017)
Conference: 44 - ASPDAC:2, ASPLOS:2, DAC:5, DATE:1, ESTIMEDIA:1, FCCM:1, FPL:2, GlobalSIP:1, GLVLSI:1, HotChips:1, HPCA:3, ICCD:3, IISWC:1, IJCNN:1, IPDPS:1, ISCA:3, ISCAS:1, ISLPED:1, ISPASS:2, ISVLSI:4, MICRO:3, SAMOS:1, SC:1, VLSID:1, VLSI-SoC:1
Journal: 17 - ACM JETC:1, ACM TACO:1, ACM TECS:2, IEEE Con.El.Mag:1, IEEE Micro:3, IEEE ToC:1, IEEE TCAS-I:1, IEEE TED:3, IEEE TMSCS:1, IEEE TVLSI:2, IET Elec.Let.:1
Publication Awards and Honors
HPCA 2015 Best Paper: Ma, et al. "Architecture Exploration for Ambient Energy Harvesting Nonvolatile Processors"
IEEE Micro Magazine Top Picks from the 2015 Computer Architecture Conferences: Ma, et al. "Nonvolatile Processor Architectures: Efficient, Reliable Progress with Unstable Power"
ASPDAC 2017 Best Paper: Ma, et al. "Spendthrift: Machine Learning Based Resource and Frequency Scaling for Ambient Energy Harvesting Nonvolatile Processors"
IEEE TMSCS 2017 Best Paper: Tsai, et al. "Enabling New Computation Paradigms with HyperFET - an Emerging Device"
Currently (FA/17) teaching: CSE 530 (Grad. Architecure) and CMPEN 111S (First Year Seminar in Computer Engineering)
Coming up next - SP/18:CMPEN 431 (Ugrad. Computer Architecture)
Active research keywords: Computer Architecture, Emerging Devices, Energy-efficiency, Dark Silicon, Specialization, Non-Volatile Processors, Embedded Vision Acceleration, Computing-with-physics



August, 2017 My co-advised student, Kaisheng Ma, successfully defended his PhD thesis on nonvolatile processors. Congrats, Kaisheng!
July, 2017 1st Annual CSE Summer Camp on Computing for Middle School Girls ran from July 17th to July 21st. Thanks to all the MDL lab members who volunteered!
July, 2017 Our paper Incidental Computing on IoT Nonvolatile Processors has been accepted for MICRO 50 in Boston.
June, 2017 My co-advised student, Wei-Yu Tsai, successfully defended his PhD thesis on post-CMOS devices and non-Boolean computing. Congrats, William!

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