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John (Jack) Sampson

Assistant Professor

Dorothy Quiggle Faculty Development Assistant Professorship

Contact information:
Email - [lastname]@cse.psu.edu
Office - 354E Information Sciences and Technology Building
    University Park, PA 16802
Phone - Ext. 57496
CSE Department, School of EECS, College of Engineering, PSU

Status: Assistant Professor at Penn State since August, 2013
µBio: PhD, CS(CE) UCSD, 2010; BS, EECS, UC Berkeley, 2002
Publication Summary: Cites: 1158; H-index: 15 (via Google Scholar @ May 17th, 2016)
Conference: 32 - ASPLOS:2, DAC:1, ESTIMEDIA:1, FCCM:1, FPL:2, GLVLSI:1, HotChips:1, HPCA:3, ICCD:3, IISWC:1, IJCNN:1, IPDPS:1, ISCA:3, ISLPED:1, ISPASS:2, ISVLSI:3, MICRO:2, SAMOS:1, SC:1, VLSID:1
Currently (SU/16) teaching: N/A. Coming up next - FA/16:CSE 530
Active research keywords: Computer Architecture, Emerging Devices, Energy-efficiency, Dark Silicon, Specialization, Non-Volatile Processors, Embedded Vision Acceleration, Computing-with-physics



May, 2016 Our IEEE Micro Top Picks paper Nonvolatile Processor Architectures: Efficient, Reliable Progress with Unstable Power appears in the May/June special issue
April, 2016 Moon's manuscript Comparative Area and Parasitics Analysis in FinFET and Heterojunction Vertical TFET Standard Cells has been accepted for publication in ACM JETC
April, 2016 Sumitha's paper Device-Circuit Co-Design of FEFET Based Logic for Low Voltage Processors has been accepted for ISVLSI 2016
March, 2016 William's paper LATTE: Low-power Audio Transform with TrueNorth Ecosystem has been accepted for IJCNN 2016
March, 2016 Hsiang-Yun's paper LAP: Loop-Block Aware Inclusion Properties for Energy-Efficient Asymmetric Last Level Caches has been accepted for ISCA 2016
February, 2016 Sumitha's paper Nonvolatile Memory Design Based on Ferroelectric FET has been accepted for DAC 2016
January, 2016 William's manuscript Enabling new computation paradigms with Hyper-FET - an emerging device has been accepted for publication in IEEE TMSCS
December, 2015 Yang's manuscript A Saliency-Driven LCD Power Management System has been accepted for publication in IEEE TVLSI
November, 2015 Kaisheng's latest NVP paper, Dynamic machine learning based matching of nonvolatile processor microarchitecture to harvested energy profile, presented at ICCAD 2015
October, 2015 Moon's manuscript Exploration of low-power high-SFDR current-steering D/A converter design using steep-slope Heterojunction Tunnel FETs has been accepted for publication in IEEE TVLSI
Fall, 2015 My group will be accepting new graduate students. Applications should be conducted through normal PSU channels.
October, 2015 Kevin Irick of SiliconScapes presents two collaborative works at ESWEEK
June, 2015 Yuan Xie presents Core vs. Uncore: The Heart of Darkness at DAC:
"I love the smell of dark silicon in the morning! It smells like... opportunity!"
June, 2015 Siddharth's paper on A Scalable Architecture for Multi-Class Visual Object Detection has been accepted at FPL 2015
May, 2015 Our article on Nonvolatile Processor Architecture Exploration for Energy Harvesting Applications has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Micro (Sept/Oct 2015) Special Issue on Alternative Computing Designs and Technologies
April, 2015 Intel will be funding our proposal on A Configurable Vision Platform for Cognitive Image Analytics
April, 2015 Two papers accepted at ISVLSI 2015
February, 2015 Our paper on battery-less energy-harvesting non-volatile processors wins the best paper award at HPCA 2015! Congrats to Kaisheng Ma, lead author and presenter, and all of the other authors!
February, 2015 Two papers presented at HPCA, congrats to presenters Nandhini and Kaisheng

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