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I am John Groenveld and this is my web page. I am an employee of The Pennsylvania State University and The Applied Research Laboratory (ARL). I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the College of Engineering and with a minor in Management Information Systems from the Smeal College of Business.

I work for ARL's Information Systems Department within the Manufacturing Systems Division within the Materials and Manufacturing Office. My title is Associate Research Engineer, but my job description includes principal investigator, project manager, applications developer, DBA, UNIX systems adminstrator, and network manager. When wearing my Oracle DBA hat, I also maintain the Penn State-Oracle mailing list. Directions to my office are somewhat complicated and my official mailing address in the Penn State directory and my office location differ. If visiting me, check my directions.

I am a volunteer with the Navy League of Central PA, Art Sphere, Inc. in Philadelphia, Penn State Chapter Triangle Fraternity and Central Pennsylvania Penn State Alumni Association.

On February 6th, 2003, thousands of Sun Microsystems customers celebrated the release of Solaris 9 x86 and the commitment from the management of our favorite technology vendor to work in partnership with the Solaris user community. Visit Save-Solaris.ORG.

While an undergraduate, I applied my expertise to my favorite student organizations. I was involved with the early web efforts of Penn State ACM and my fraternity-Triangle. I was also involved with Engineering Undergraduate Council and Engineering Roundtable's work with the World Wide Web.

Unfortunately, I wasn't a great help to the State College Original Music Showcase. StateCollege.COM maintains an online entertainment schedule. Jeff Van Fossan promoted original indy music with Roustabout!. Meredith Rebar did as well for her Cherry Darling Productions but has since moved to new adventures.

While an undergraduate, I served for two years as the College of Engineering student representative to the University Faculty Senate. I was assigned to committees on Computing and Information Systems, Commonwealth Education System, and Athletics.

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