Navy ROTC (NROTC) Projects on Cyber Security Training: 

Adversarial Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence


PIs: George Kesidis and David J. Miller


gik2 at psu dot edu

djm25 at psu dot edu




We are offering undergraduate projects on cyber security, specifically on adversarial machine learning (a.k.a. adversarial AI). These projects are sponsored by an ONR grant for ROTC students. The projects are based in part on the PIs’ recent research supported by an AFOSR DDDAS grant.


Participating ROTC students will receive an hourly stipend for time spent on these projects.


Interested Navy (or other) ROTC students should contact the PIs. We can also accommodate undergraduates from the Naval Academy and some graduate students. The projects target senior or junior undergraduates with some background in  computing and statistics/probability.


The project descriptions are given here.


Considering the covid-19 pandemic, projects will be managed remotely by video conference, e.g., zoom or teams.


The projects will involve weekly group meetings. Students will be able to freely consult with the project supervisors and work at their own pace. Individual student progress will be monitored.


The PSU team will provide tutorials on deep learning and PyTorch.


Here is some background reading material for interested parties:

Overview of Deep Learning