Britain, Parliamentary Papers on the Post Office

Session 1854, 31 January - 12 August

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Introductory Notes

Session 1854, 74 volumes

Bills, Public 6 vol.
I - VI
Reports from Committees 12 vol.
Reports from Commissioners 20 vol.
Accounts and Papers 36 vol.
List of Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, Session 1854 (with General Alphabetical Index).
Parliamentary papers. List of the bills, reports, estimates, and accounts and papers, printed by order of the House of Commons, and of the papers presented by command, session 1854; with a general alphabetical index thereto. 16th Parliament.--2d Session.--17° & 18° Victoria. 31 January 1854 to 12 August 1854.
1854 (449) LXXIV.1, civ (list) + 291 (index) p.
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16th Parliament of the UK, 2nd Session, 17 & 18 Victoria


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Bills and Acts

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Reports and Papers

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1854 (116)
1854 (228)
1854 (406)

1854 (411) XI.1, Conveyance of Mails by Railway
1854 (411-I) XI.647, same, index

1854 (117) XXXIX.479, Stamp Duty, 1851-53
Reprinted in <IUP-Newspapers-2>

1854 (238) XXXIX.501, Stamp Duty on Newspapers
1854 (475) XXXIX.519, Stamp Duty on Newspapers
1854 (327) XXXIX.525, Stamp Duty on Newspapers

Correspondence between Post Office, Treasury and Proprietors of Stamped Publications, not being Newspapers, on Free Transmission of Publications through Post.
Stamped publications. Copies of correspondence between the Post Office and Treasury and proprietors of stamped publications, not being newspapers, in reference to the free transmission of such publications through the post, &c.
1854 (426) XXXIX.531, 22 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

Correspondence between Solicitor and Secretary of Board of Inland Revenue and Publishers of Unstamped Publications, 1853-54.
Unstamped publications. Correspondence, since April 1853 to the present time, between the Solicitor and Secretary of the Board of Inland Revenue and the publishers of unstamped publications; with cases of proceedings; &c.--(in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, no. 618, of last session).
1854 (196) XXXIX.553, 75 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

1854 (504) XXXIX.629, Correspondence with Solicitor of Inland Revenue

1854 (497) XLVII.439, Postage between England and India

1854 (400) LVIII.529, Stamp Duties and Postage

1854 (319) LX.1, Post Office, number of letters, etc., 1839-53  [Harvard]

1854 (320) LX.7, Post Office, gross and net revenue  [Harvard]

1854 (3) LX.13, Post Office, number of letters delivered  [Harvard]

1854 (519) LX.15, Money Orders  [Harvard]

1854 (491) LX.17, Colonies with uniform rate of ocean postage  [Harvard]

Post Office Regulations for Transmission of Parliamentary Papers to United Kingdom, Channel Islands, and Colonies.
Parliamentary Papers. Copy of the Post-Office regulations now in force for the transmission of Parliamentary Papers to parts in the United Kingdom, to the Channel Islands, and to the several colonies and possessions of the Crown.
1854 (268) LX.19, 4 p.; PDF [ProQuest]  [Harvard]

1854 (356) LX.23, Postage, Army and Navy  [Harvard]

1854 (521) LX.27, Rural Letter Carriers  [Harvard]

1854 (135) LX.29, Postal Communication with Islands of Arran, on West Coast of Ireland  [Harvard]

1854 (42) LX.33, Mail Packet, Orkney  [Harvard]

1854 (469) LXII.753, Conveyance of Mails by Railways

Command Papers

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Report of Committee of Inquiry into Establishment of Post Office.
Report upon the Post Office, 1854.
1854 [1816] XXVII.397, 46 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
Reprinted in <IUP-Posts-and-Telegraphs-4>

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