Britain, Parliamentary Papers on the Post Office

Session 1854-55, 12 December 1854 - 14 August 1855

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Introductory Notes

Session 1854-55, 57 volumes

Bills, Public 6 vol.
I - VI
Reports from Committees 8 vol.
Reports from Commissioners 15 vol.
Accounts and Papers 28 vol.
List of Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, Session 1854-55 (with General Alphabetical Index).
Parliamentary papers. List of the bills, reports, estimates, and accounts and papers, printed by order of the House of Commons, and of the papers presented by command, session 1854-55; with a general alphabetical index thereto. 16th Parliament.--3d session.--18° & 19° Victoria. 12 December 1854 to 14 August 1855.
1854-55 (522) LVII.1, civ (list) + 328 (index) p.
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16th Parliament of the UK, 3rd Session, 18 & 19 Victoria


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Bills and Acts

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1854-55 (37) I.819,

1854-55 (27) IV.601, Stamp Duty on Newspapers
1854-55 (62) IV.609, Stamp Duty on Newspapers
1854-55 (102) IV.615, Stamp Duty on Newspapers

1854-55 (232) VI.157, Reduce duties on Stage Carriages, amend the Stamp Acts

Bill to repeal Stamp Duties on Matriculation and Degrees in University of Oxford.
Stamp duties repeal on matriculation and degrees (Oxford). A bill to repeal the stamp duties payable on matriculation and degrees in the University of Oxford.
1854-55 (155) VI.165, 4 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

1854-55 (243) VI.279,

Reports and Papers

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1854-55 (173)
1854-55 (234)
1854-55 (260)

1854-55 (445) XI.297, Postal arrangements in Ireland

1854-55 (83) XXX.497, Stamp Duty on Newspapers (series)
1854-55 (438) XXX.509, Stamp Duty on Newspapers (series)

Return of new Places created and Public Appointments made, since April 1848.
Public appointments. Return of all new places created and appointments made since 6 April 1848; showing the authority under which created or made, and salaries; and also the annual expenses of the establishments in connexion with such appointments.--(In continuation of Parliamentary Paper, no. 633, of session 1848.)
1854-55 (527) XXX.523, 70 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
(Post Office, p. 40-45)

Despatches and Correspondence on Removal of J.S. Brownrigg from Office of Postmaster General of Island of Mauritius, June 1853.
Mr. Brownrigg. A copy of all despatches and correspondence connected with the removal of Mr. J. Stuart Brownrigg from the office of postmaster-general of the island of Mauritius, on the 9th day of June 1853.
1854-55 (384) XXXVII.1, 52 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

1854-55 (440) XLVI.255, Post Office, gross and net revenue

1854-55 (12) XLVI.261, Waterford Mails, Ireland

1854-55 (430) XLVII.563, Stamp Duties and Postage

Postal Engagements agreed to between United States and England, and Correspondence for Modification of Terms of present Agreements.
Postal engagements (United States). A copy of the present postal engagements agreed to between the United States and England, and of the correspondence for a modification of the terms of the present agreements. Session 1855.
1854-55 (0.35) LV.375, 132 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
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Command Papers

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Postmaster General: First Report on Post Office.
First report of the Postmaster General, on the Post Office.
1854-55 [1913] XX.555, 97 p.; PDF [ProQuest]  [Harvard]  [Minnesota]

1854-55 [1857] LV.23, Postal Convention with France, Dec. 1854

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