Britain, Parliamentary Papers on the Post Office

Session 1852-53, 4 November 1852 - 20 August 1853

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Introductory Notes

Session 1852-53, 104 volumes

Bills, Public 7 vol.
Reports from Committees 32 vol.
Reports from Commissioners 17 vol.
Accounts and Papers 48 vol.
List of Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, Session 1852-53 (with General Alphabetical Index).
Parliamentary Papers. List of the bills, reports, estimates, and accounts and papers, printed by order of the House of Commons, and of the papers presented by command, session 1852-53; with a general alphabetical index thereto. 16th Parliament.--1st session.--16° & 17° Victoria. 4 November 1852 to 20 August 1853.
1852-53 (939) CIII.1, xcvi (list) + 264 (index) p.; PDF [ProQuest]  [Harvard]
    The index volume is numbered as CIII, but there is an additional vol. CIII in 3 parts.

Debates, Hansard
Journals of the House of Commons, vol. 108
Journals of the House of Lords, vol. yyy


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Reports and Papers

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1852-53 (438)
1852-53 (618)
1852-53 (728)

1852-53 (61) VI.505, Postage stamps and Stamp duties

1852-53 (747) XXIV, London and Dublin Communication

1852-53 (720) XXXIV.331

Correspondence between Solicitor and Secretary of Board of Inland Revenue and Publishers of Unstamped Publications, 1851-53.
Unstamped publications. Correspondence, since 1 January 1851 to the present time, between the Solicitor and Secretary of the Board of Inland Revenue and the publishers of unstamped publications; with cases of proceedings; &c.
1852-53 (618) LXXVIII.373, 95 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

1852-53 (949) XCIV.683,

Return of Number of Warrants issued for detaining or opening Letters in Post Office, 1845-53.
Post Office. Return showing the number of warrants issued by any secretary of state, for detaining or opening of letters in the Post Office, in each year, from 1845 to the present date, inclusive; and the names of the secretaries of state who have signed such warrants.
1852-53 (729) XCV.13, 2 p.; PDF [ProQuest]

Command Papers

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1852-53 [1660] XCV, Packet Contracts

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