Britain, Parliamentary Papers on the Post Office

Session 1849, 1 February - 1 August

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Introductory Notes

Session 1849, 59 volumes

Bills, Public 6 vol.
I - VI
Reports from Committees 14 vol.
Reports from Commissioners 9 vol.
Accounts and Papers 30 vol.
List of Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, Session 1849 (with General Alphabetical Index)
Parliamentary Papers. List of the bills, reports, estimates, and accounts and papers, printed by order of the House of Commons, and of the papers presented by command, session 1849; with a general alphabetical index thereto.
1849 (564) LIX.1, lxviii (list) + 155 (index) p.
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15th Parliament of the UK, 2nd Session, 12 & 13 Victoria


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Bills and Acts

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1849 (473) III.415, Inland posts, colonies
1849 (4) III.419, Inland Revenue, consolidation of Boards of Excise, Stamps and Taxes
1849 (488) VI.413, Allowances on the purchase of stamps

Reports and Papers

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1849 (302)
1849 (557)
1849 (95)

1849 (571) XII.1, Contract Packet Service

Return of Number of Advertisements on which Duty was paid, 1826-40.
Advertisements. A return of the number of advertisements on which duty was paid, &c., in each year from 1833 to the end of the year 1840; &c.
1849 (506) XXX.207, 2 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
Reprinted in <IUP-Newspapers-2>

Return of Number of Newspaper Stamps issued, 1842-48; Return of Number of London, English Provincial, Scotch and Irish Newpapers; Number of Advertisements and Amount of Advertisement Duty paid, 1841-48.
Newspaper stamps. Newspaper advertisements. Returns of the number of stamps issued for newspapers in each year, from 1842 to 1849; and of the number of newspapers and advertisements, and advertisement duty paid, from 1841 to 1849.
1849 (160) XXX.349, 2 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
Reprinted in <IUP-Newspapers-2>

1849 (96) XXX.391, Stamp Duties

1849 (593) XXXVIII.97, Papers relative to Emigration, Australian Colonies  [Harvard]
On p. 260 (link), a paragraph on the mails in Western Australia.

1849 (520) XLIX.473, Stamp Duties and Postage

1849 (476) LI.1, Rates of Postage between UK and Colonies and India  [Harvard]

1849 (135) LI.9, Conveyance of Mails  [Harvard]

1849 (600) LI.13, Mails to India, transit postage paid to France  [Harvard]

1849 (345) LI.17, Post Office Revenues since 1839, in detail  [Harvard]

1849 (419) LI.29, Post Office Revenue since 1839  [Harvard]

Command Papers

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1849 [1008] LI.35, Postal Convention with France, Additional Articles  [Harvard]

Convention between H.M. and United States of America for Improvement of Communication by Post.
Convention between Her Majesty and the United States of America, for the improvement of the communication by post between their respective territories.
1849 [1012] LI.39, 8 p.; PDF [ProQuest]  [Harvard]
Reprinted in <IUP-USA-49>

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