Britain, Parliamentary Papers on the Post Office

Session 1846, 22 January - 28 August

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Introductory Notes

Session 1846, 52 volumes

Bills, Public 4 vol.
I - IV
Reports from Committees 11 vol.
V - XV
Reports from Commissioners 9 vol.
Accounts and Papers 28 vol.
List of Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts and Papers, Session 1846 (with General Alphabetical Index).
List of sessional papers, and general index: sess. 1846.
1846 (Sess. 1846) LII.189, iv (arrangement) + lxiv (list) + 146 (index) p.
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14th Parliament of the UK, 6th Session, 9 & 10 Victoria


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Bills and Acts

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1846 (491) I.235, Duties on books and engravings

1846 (500) II.267,

1846 (195) III.55, Stamp Duty paid on admission to the Freedom of Municipal Corporations

Reports and Papers

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1846 (222)
1846 (71)

Select Committee to inquire into Contract for Conveyance of Mails from England to Halifax and Boston, Report.
Report from the Select Committee on Halifax and Boston mails; together with the minutes of evidence taken before them.
1846 (563) XV.25, 36 p.; PDF [ProQuest]
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1846 (39) XXV.559, Stamp Office

1846 (721) XXVII.57, State of Canadian Post Office

1846 (188) XXXI.275, Letters and Newspapers in India

1846 (249) XXXI.327, India, Presidencies, Post Office

1846 (154) XLIV.377

1846 (150) XLV.1, Chargeable Letters through the London Post Office, 1839-45  [Oxford]  [Harvard]

1846 (256) XLV.9, Post Office revenue

1846 (607) XLV.17, Dismissal of Thomas Mitchell

1846 (693) XLV.55, Letter-carriers and Sub-sorters

1846 (586) XLV.173, Post Office Directory, names of letter carriers in London

1846 (512) XLV.193, Postage Stamps, envelopes

Tenders and Contracts for carrying Mails by Steam to and from Halifax, between Liverpool, Halifax and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York; Memorial from Merchants at Birmingham relative to Halifax Mail Contract.
Halifax mails. Halifax and United States mail contract. Copies of tenders and contracts for carrying Her Majesty's mails by steam to and from Halifax, between Liverpool and Halifax, and Halifax and Boston, with dates of sailing and arrival of the steamers;--also, copy of memorial from merchants at Birmingham relative to the Halifax and United States mail contract.
1846 (464) XLV.195, 38 p.; PDF [ProQuest]  [Oxford]  [Harvard]
Reprinted in <IUP-USA-49>

1846 (467) XLV.233, Liverpool and Kingstown mails

1846 (675) XLV.299, Mail Packets

Command Papers

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1846 [680] LII.29, Belgium, Postal Convention, Additional Articles
1846 [678] LII.33, Brunswick, Postal Convention
1846 [744] LII.39, Denmark, Postal Convention
1846 [679] LII.55, France, Postal Convention, Additional Articles
1846 [702] LII.63, France, Postal Convention, Additional Articles
1846 [714] LII.71, France, Postal Convention, Additional Articles
1846 [677] LII.75, Hanover, Postal Convention  [Harvard]  [Oxford]
House of Lords,  [Oxford]

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