CMPSC 311, Introduction to Systems Programming

Introduction to the Emacs editor

For the official information,  run  info emacs  on any system where Emacs is installed, which is about everywhere.

Run the command emacs to get started.  You will need to understand the notations C-x (control-x) and M-x (meta-x).  Here is part of the introductory screen:

Welcome to GNU Emacs, a part of the GNU operating system.

Type C-l to begin editing.

Get help           C-h  (Hold down CTRL and press h)
Emacs manual       C-h r
Emacs tutorial     C-h t           Undo changes     C-x u
Buy manuals        C-h C-m         Exit Emacs       C-x C-c
Browse manuals     C-h i
Activate menubar   F10  or  ESC `  or   M-`
(`C-' means use the CTRL key.  `M-' means use the Meta (or Alt) key.
If you have no Meta key, you may instead type ESC followed by the character.)

A Guided Tour of Emacs
Emacs Summary, the really, really short version

Essential Emacs tips

The GNU Emacs FAQ helps answer some basic questions.

A Tutorial Introduction to GNU Emacs, a good no-nonsense intro.
GNU Emacs manuals, the complete set

Last revised, 19 Aug. 2010