1. Copy the source file to your home directory.
        >cp /home/users3/sarwar/cshrc.cadence-20040130

  2. You need to source this file before you start using Cadence tools.
        >source cshrc.cadence-20040130

  3. Copy library files to your directory. Make a directory to put these files. (for example, >mkdir cadencetut). After you change current directory to the directory you just created, type:
        >cp -r /home/software/cadence-20040130/ic/tools.sun4v/dfII/samples/tutorials/le/cell_design .

  4. Now, we're ready to start. Following command will bring up an window called 'CIW'.
        >icfb &

  5. Select  "Tools -> Library Manager ..."  in the CIW window to open a 'Library Manager' window.

  6. In 'Library Manager' window, click  "tutorial"  and then select  "File -> New -> Cell View ..."  from the menu. Put the name of your design in the  "Cell Name"  box and change the  "Tool"  to  "Virtuoso"  and then click  "OK"  button.

  7. Have a great time with our new tools!!