Public Cloud Computing: A Tenant's Perspective

Welcome to this graduate seminar course on public cloud computing with an emphasis on the tenant's perspective.

The schedule shown below will likely change as the semester progresses. Please check frequently. Since this is a seminar course, some lectures will be given by students. Generally, the instructor will cover background material needed to understand or present the material in such lectures. Additionally, the instructor will generally go over the material for such a lecture with the responsible student the week before the lecture.

Most of the reading material will be in the form of research papers. Occasionally, we will use other resources such as book chapters, white papers, or online articles, blogs, webpages, etc. We will discuss papers in blue if time permits. Lecture slides and reading materials will be posted on Angel. Be sure to have your Angel account redirect your emails to your regular email account.

Grading scheme: (i) class participation = 10%, (ii) paper presentation (1 per student) = 40%, (iii) survey or research project (in teams of 2 or 3 each) = 50%. Students should be aware of Penn State's academic integrity policy. Late submissions or postponement of talks will not be entertained except for medical emergencies. If in doubt, please contact the instructor.

There are no fixed office hours. Please email the instructor if you need to discuss something outside of the classroom (e.g., help with your assigned presentation or with your survey or research project).

Lec. no. Date Theme Specific topics Announcements Reading material (assignment, if not the instructor)
Spring Break
1. 01/17 Background and scope Administration; course outline Slides posted on Angel
2. 01/19 Data center background Slides posted on Angel
3. 01/24 Interfaces and SLAs, part 1 Amazon EC2 spot instances Slides posted on Angel
4. 01/31 Amazon EC2 burstable instances; using EC2 instances Slides posted on Angel OPTIONAL: "Exploiting Spot and Burstable Instances for Improving the Cost-efficacy of In-Memory Caches on the Public Cloud," Wang et al., EuroSys 2017.
5. 02/02 Virtualization techniques Virtual machines: classification and uses; classic virtual machine monitors - CPU virtualization Slides posted on Angel
6. 02/07 CPU and memory virtualization, Popek-Goldberg formalism Slides posted on Angel
7. 02/09 Virtualization overheads, migration Slides posted on Angel
8. 02/14 Containers Slides posted on Angel
10. 02/23 VMs vs. containers: performance and security Slides posted on Angel "Containers and Virtual Machines at Scale: A Comparative Study," Sharma et al., ACM Middleware 2016

"An updated performance comparison of virtual machines and Linux containers," Felter et al., IEEE ISPASS 2015.

"SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX," Arnatov et al., USENIX OSDI 2016. (Aditya Basu)

"," Petazzoni, 2013. (Aditya Basu)
9. 02/21 Resource management Introduction to basic scheduling concepts Guest lecture by Prof. George Kesidis (instructor out of town)
11. 02/28 Slides posted on Angel "Dominant resource fairness: fair allocation of multiple resource types," Ghodsi et al., USENIX NSDI 2011. (Yuquan Shan)

"Mesos: a platform for fine-grained resource sharing in the data center," Hindman et al., USENIX NSDI 2011. (Yuquan Shan)
12. 03/02 Slides posted on Angel "Sparrow: distributed, low latency scheduling," Ousterhout et al., ACM SOSP 2013. (Prashanth Thinakaran)

"Job-aware Scheduling in Eagle: Divide and Stick to Your Probes," Delgado et al., ACM SOCC 2016. (Aman Jain)
13. 03/16 "Omega: flexible, scalable schedulers for large compute clusters", Schwarzkopf et al., Eurosys 2013 (Aakash Sharma)

"Large-scale cluster management at google with borg," Verma et al., Eurosys 2015. (Aakash Sharma)

Kubernetes: (Aakash Sharma)

"Long term SLOs for reclaimed cloud computing resources," Carvalho et al., ACM SOCC 2014. (Ashley Huhman)
14. 03/21 "CPI2: CPU performance isolation for shared compute clusters," Zhang et al., EuroSys 2013. (Kuangzheng Zhou)

"Towards a network marketplace in a cloud," Yu et al., USENIX HOTCLOUD 2016.

"Availability knob: flexible user-defined availability in the cloud," Shaharad and Wentzlaff, ACM SOCC 2016.
15. 03/23 "Consistency-based SLAs for cloud storage," Terry et al., ACM SOSP 2013. (Ikenna Okafor)

"Bridging the tenant-provider gap in cloud services," Jalaparti et al., ACM SOCC 2012. (Saurabh Kaul)

16. 03/28 Tenant decision-making Introduction OPTIONAL: A netflix case study:

OPTIONAL: "Neutrality in future public clouds: implications and challenges," Kesidis et al., USENIX HOTCLOUD 2016.

"Achieving cost-efficient, data-intensive computing in the cloud," Conley et al., ACM SOCC 2015. (Chen Sun)
17. 03/30 "Deconstructing Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Pricing," Ben-Yehuda et al., ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation, Volume 1 Issue 3, September 2013, Article No. 16. (Lidong Luo)

"Cloud spot markets are not sustainable: the case for transient guarantees," Subramanya et al., USENIX HOTCLOUD 2016. (Lidong Luo)
18. 04/04 "How to bid the cloud," ACM SIGCOMM 2015. (Tianxiang Tan)

"How not to bid the cloud," USENIX HOTCLOUD 2016. (Tianxiang Tan)
19. 04/06 "The Cloud is Not Enough: Saving IoT from the Cloud," Zhang et al., USENIX HOTCLOUD 2015. (Jonas Wang)

"Mobile App Acceleration via Fine-grained Offloading to the Cloud," Lin and Kung, USENIX HOTCLOUD 2014. (Jonas Wang)
20. 04/11 "SpotOn: A batch computing service for the spot market," Subramanya et al., ACM SOCC 2015. (Srikumar Sridhar)

Spark and TensorFlow overview. (Chetan Sharma)

"TR-Spark: Transient Computing for Big Data Analytics," Yan et al., ACM SOCC 2016. (Chetan Sharma)
21. 04/13 "Blending spot and on-demand instances for in-memory storage," Xu et al., IEEE INFOCOM 2016. (Adithya Kumar)

Derivative clouds:
  • "SpotCheck: Designing a Derivative IaaS Cloud on the Spot Market," Sharma et al., EuroSys 2015. (Jashwant Raj)

  • Billing/Auditing:
  • "BitBill: Scalable, Robust, Verifiable Peer-to-Peer Billing for Cloud Computing," Chen and Chen, USENIX HOTCLOUD 2014.
  • "A Day Late and a Dollar Short: The Case for Research on Cloud Billing Systems," Jellinek et al., USENIX HOTCLOUD 2014.
  • 22. 04/18 Hybrid clouds:
  • Netflix case study?
  • TBD

  • Cross-cloud concerns:
  • Portions of;
  • "SPANSTORE: cost-effective geo-replicated storage spanning multiple cloud services," Wu et al., ACM SOSP 2013 (Vinakaya Krishna)
  • "Follow the Sun through the Clouds: Application Migration for Geographically Shifting Workloads," Shen et al., ACM SOCC 2016.
  • 23. 04/20 Cloudlets:
  • "The case for VM-based cloudlets in mobile computing," Satyanarayanan et al., IEEE Pervasive Computing 2009. (Asha Veerabhadraiah)
  • "Cloudlets: at the Leading Edge of Mobile-Cloud Convergence," Satyanarayanan et al., MobiCASE 2014. (Asha Veerabhadraiah)
  • 24. 04/25 Interfaces and SLAs, part 2 Survey and project presentations
    25. 04/27