Introduction to Distributed Algorithms (graduate, co-taught with Prof. Viveck Cadambe), CSE 597 (S18)

Readings in Deep Learning Systems (graduate seminar, co-taught with Prof. Mahmut Kandemir), CSE 598 (S18)

Operating Systems (undergraduate), CMPSC 473 (F17, S15, F13, S12, F10, F09, F08, F06)

Public Cloud Computing (graduate seminar course), CSE 597 (S17)

Operating System Design (graduate), CSE 511 (F16, F14, F11, S09, F07)

Systems Programming (undergraduate), CMPSC 311 (S16)

Performance Evaluation for Clouds (graduate seminar course, co-taught with Prof. George Kesidis), CSE 597b (S14)

The CAP Theorem and its Implications for System Design (S13)

Virtualization: Techniques and Applications (graduate seminar), CSE 598f (S11)

Cloud Computing (graduate seminar course) CSE 598g (S10)

Fundamentals of Distributed Computing (graduate seminar course), CSE 598g (F07)

Storage Systems (graduate seminar course), CSE 598d (S07)

Virtual Machines and their Applications (graduate seminar course), CSE 598c (S06)

Self-* Systems (graduate seminar course), CSE 598b (S05)