CSE 598D: Pseudorandomness
Fall 2011

General Information

Summary, Syllabus, Course Information

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45am, IST Building 223b
NOTE: First lecture will be Thursday, August 25!
Adam Smith
Office hours
Tuesday & Thursdays, 11am-noon, IST 338K


We will use the following monograph (in progress!):

Salil Vadhan, Pseudorandomness, 2011.

Chapter and page numbers refer to the April 2011 version of the book.


Day-by-day Topics, Lecture Notes, Reading

Thu 8/25/11Intro, Identity TestingChap. 1 to 2.1
Tue 8/31/11Existence of good codes, Sampling-based algorithms Chap. 2.2 to 2.4.2
Thu 9/2/11
Tue 9/6/11
Thu 9/8/11 Basic derandomization: conditional independence Chap 3.4
Tue 9/13/11 P, BPP, PH and promise RP. Chap 3.3 HW 1 out.
Thu 9/15/11 Measures of Graph Expansion Chap. 4.1
Tue 10/11/11 Intro to list-decoding. Guest lecturer: Atri Rudra arxiv
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There will be no lectures on August 23, September 22, 27, 29, October 25 and 27. Make-up lectures will be scheduled once the class attendance list has stabilized, based on students' schedules.

Some formatting ideas were based on Lorrie Cranor's course pages.

Adam Smith