CSE 565: Algorithm Design and Analysis
Fall 2014

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Lectures: MWF 11:10am-12:05pm, EES 119

Syllabus, Lecture Notes, Reading

(pre-class reading in bold)
Mon, Aug 25 Introduction, stable matching (slides) KT, Chap. 1 Course Announcement
HW 1 out (pdf, tex)
Wed, Aug 27 Asymptotic growth (slides) KT, Chap 2.1 to 2.4.
Fri, Aug 29More asymptotics and exercisesKT, Chaps 3.1-3.3, 3.5HW 2 out (pdf, tex)
Mon, Sep. 1Labor day -- no lecture.
Wed, Sep 3Graph traversals (slides)KT, Chap 3
Fri, Sep 5Greedy Algs 1 (slides) (extra slides) KT, Chap 4.1-4.3HW 3 out (pdf, tex)
Mon, Sep 8Greedy Algorithms: SSSP (slides)KT, Chap 4.4
Erickson Lec. 21
Wed, Sep 10Greedy algorithms: SSSP and MSTKT, Chap 4.5
Fri, Sep 12The end of greedy algorithmsKT, Chap 4.xHW 4 out (pdf, tex)

The development of these course materials was partly supported by the National Science Foundation under award 0729171.

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