CSE 565: Algorithm Design and Analysis
Fall 2008

General Information

Course Announcement

Instructor: Adam Smith

Office hours: Wednesdays, 1pm-3pm, IST 338K

Syllabus, Lecture Notes, Reading

Mon, Aug 25 Introduction, stable matching (slides) KT, Chap. 1 Course Announcement
Wed, Aug 27 Stable matching continued (slides)KT, Chap. 1 and 2
Fri, Aug. 29 Asymptotic notation, basic data structures (slides)KT, Ch. 2HW 1 out (pdf, tex).
The file clrscode.sty provides useful macros for writing pseudocode.
Mon, Sep. 1: No lecture (Labor Day)
Wed, Sep. 3Basic data structures, Graphs (slides) KT, Chap. 2, 3.1
Fri, Sep. 5Graph traversal (slides) KT, Chap. 3HW 1 due, HW 2 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Sep. 8Topological sort, interval partitioning. (slides) KT, Chap. 3, 4.1
Wed, Sep. 10More Greedy Algorithms (slides) KT, Chap. 4.1-4.2
Fri, Sep. 12Max. lateness, optimal caching (slides) KT, Chap. 4.2, 4.3HW 2 due, HW 3 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Sep. 15Dijsktra's algorithm, MST (slides) KT, Chap. 4.4-4.5
Wed, Sep. 17More MST (slides) KT, Chap. 4.5+
Fri, Sep. 19Divide and Conquer (Guest lecture: Sofya Raskhodnikova) (slides) Chap. 5.1-5.3HW 3 due, HW 4 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Sep. 22Recurrences (slides) KT, Chap. 5.2
Wed, Sep. 24More Divide and Conquer (slides) KT, Chap. 5.4-5.5
Fri, Sep. 26FFT (slides) Chap. 5.6
Mon, Sep. 29Review for midterm 1Homework 3 in.
Tue, Sep. 30Midterm 1, 8:15-10:15pm, Willard building room 76.
Wed, Oct.1Dynamic Programming Intro (slides) Chap 6.1, 6.2.HW 5 out (pdf, tex).
Fri, Oct. 3 Dynamic Programming: Segmented least squares (slides) Chap. 6.3 HW 5 in.
Mon, Oct. 6Computing edit distance (slides) Chap. 6.5HW 6 out (pdf, tex).
Wed, Oct. 8Dynamic Programming: Knapsack Problem (slides) Chap 6.4
Fri, Oct. 10More Dynamic Programming: RNA Secondary Structure, Bellman-Ford (Guest lecture: Sofya Raskhodnikova) (slides) Chap. 6HW 6 due, HW 7 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Oct. 13Bellman-Ford continued. (slides) Chap. 6.5
Wed, Oct. 15Network Flows Intro (Review discussion: number of paths of length k) (slides) Chap 7.1
Fri, Oct. 17More network flow intro (slides). HW 7 due, HW 8 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Oct. 20Ford-Fulkerson. Max-flow/min-cut (slides). Chap. 7.2
Wed, Oct. 22Edge-disjoint paths and 2-connected graphs.Chap. 7.6
Fri. Oct. 24 Midterm results discussion (slides).HW 8 due, HW 9 out (pdf, tex).
Mon, Oct. 27Guest lecture: Piotr Berman Chap. 7.11
Wed, Oct. 29Maximum Bipartite Matching (slides). Chap. 7.5
Fri, Oct. 31 - Wed, Nov. 5: Lectures canceled.
Fri, Nov. 7Special lecture: Suzanne Shontz
Mon, Nov. 10Special lecture: Daniel KiferHW 10 out (pdf, tex).
Wed, Nov. 12Special lecture: Daniel Kifer
Fri, Nov. 14Fully polynomial algorithms (slides).Chap. 7.3, 7.7HW 10 in.
Mon, Nov. 16Review
Tue, Nov. 18Midterm 2, 8:15pm-10:15pm, Willard 73.
Wed, Nov. 19Computational intractability intro. (slides).Chap. 8
+halting problem (Wikipedia),
+ Who can name the bigger number? (Scott Aaronson)
+P vs. NP popular lecture (Wigderson)
+ Vanuxem Lectures (Avi Wigderson)
Fri, Nov. 21Reductions and the class NP (slides).Chap. 8.1+
Mon, Dec. 1(SRTEs) Self-reducibility and NP (slides)Chap 8.3HW 11 out (pdf, tex).
Wed, Dec. 3NP-completeness of Circuit-SAT, 3-SAT(slides)Chap 8
Fri, Dec. 5Getting around NP-hardness. Chap 8.3HW 12 out (pdf, tex).

The development of these course materials was partly supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0729171.
Some formatting ideas were based on Lorrie Cranor's course pages.

Adam Smith
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