CSE 546: Introduction to Modern Cryptography
Spring 2009

General Information

Instructor: Adam Smith

Office hours: Tuesday & Thursdays, 4pm-5pm, IST 338K

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Syllabus, Lecture Notes, Reading

Tue, Jan 13 Introduction (slides), Classical Cryptography KL, Chap. 1
Thu, Jan 15Principles of modern crypto. Shannon's definition, one-time pad. KL, Chap. 1-2.
Tue, Jan 20 Limits of perfect secrecy. Computationally bounded adversaries. KL, Chap. 2, 3.1Homework 1: pdf, tex
Thu, Jan 22Stream ciphers in practive. Blum-Micali-Yao definition. KL, Chap. 3.3
Tue, Jan 27 Implications of BMY definition: resistance to statistical tests. Proof that BMY definition implies message indistinguishability of stream ciphers KL, Chap. 3.2-3.4
Thu, Jan 29 Finished proof that BMY definition implies message indistinguishability of stream ciphers. One-way functions and "types" of hardness. KL, Chap. 3.4Homework 2 out: pdf, tex
Tue, Feb 3 Extending a PRG's output and chosen-plaintext security KL, Chap. 3.5
Thu, Feb 5Detailed hybrid argument. CPA security and pseudorandom functions in counter mode. (slides). KL, Chap. 3.5-3.6
Tue, February 23 Constructing pseudorandom functions from pseudorandom generators
Tue, February 24, 8:15pmMidterm 1 in 109 Walker Building
Fri, March 20 Key distribution and public-key cryptography. Diffie-Hellman key agreement. CDH/DDH assumptions. Quadratic residuosity; proof that DH key agreement leaks parity of the exponent (mod p). El-Gamal public-kyey encryption. KL, Chap. 9. Chap. Corrected homework 3 out: pdf, tex
Tue, April 7Collision-Resistant Hash Functions: Birthday attack, discrete log-based construction KL, Chap 4.6 and 7.4.2
Wed, Apr 8Midterm 2 in 333 IST at 7:15pm
Thu, April 9Signatures: RSA, hashed RSA, Lamport's signatures and extensions.KL, Chap. 12Homework 4 out: pdf, tex

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0729171.
Some formatting ideas were based on Lorrie Cranor's course pages.

Adam Smith