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Karishma Irani, kni100
CMR Cooling Problems and Cluster shutdown.
Opp is experiencing problems with the chiller system supplying cold water to the CMR. Several clusters needed to be shut down to keep the CMR at safe ...
6-22-08 Power and Cooling outage
Emergency Shutdown of clusters due to power and cooling loss
Clusters down (inti and surya)
Cluster outage for the upgrade cluster authentication.
CSE Print Server - reboot
Rebooting Sportster the CSE print server for updates.
Inti and Surya back online
The clusters have been restored to service.
PBS for the Inti and Surya clusters
Upgrade of PBS on Inti and Surya clusters, move of pbs server.
Printer LJ337 back in service
Printer LJ337 back in service