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Clusters down (inti and surya)

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Cluster outage for the upgrade cluster authentication.

The clusters Surya and Inti were taken down this morning for and upgrade.

They are being added to the Centrify authentication system. This will allow you to login to the clusters using your current CSE userid and password.   The change over is taking longer then expected and we hope to have them up and running again in the morning.


Things you will need to do once they are back up and running in order to use the cluster:

1. You will need to login to a non cluster system and change your password.

2. You will need to change your submission scripts so that the "group_list" reads "inti" rather than "i3c" or "i3c.1" for the inti cluster and "surya" when using the surya cluster.


Please contact the helpdesk if you have any questions.


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