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System Announcements

Systems events computing public should know about.

CSE email server will be down for maintenance TUE 28SEP from 0600 - 0700
The CSE email server will be taken down for maintenance next TUE 28SEP at 6AM. Service should resume by 7AM. Email will not be sent out during this time and there should be no loss of email as any sender's email server should resend the emails which will be received after 7AM. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you.
All major systems are currently up and functioning properly.
Wide-scale SYSTEM OUTAGE 3/12-3/13
The Office of Physical Plant (OPP) will be performing electrical work in the IST Building overnight on Thursday 3/12 and Friday 3/13. At various points, the entire building will be in blackout. As a result, we will be shutting all non-essential computer services down Thursday evening beginning at 5:30PM. We expect services to be restored by 9:00AM Friday morning. More information to follow. Please contact IT Support if you have any special concerns regarding this shut down event.
LJ220 is down
The printer in the room 220 Lab is broken and will be out of service until further notice.
PBSPro upgrad
PBS Pro has been upgraded to version 9 and the new license installed.
PBS for the Inti and Surya clusters
Upgrade of PBS on Inti and Surya clusters, move of pbs server.
Temporary email interruption corrected.
At approximately 10:45AM Monday Oct 20th, our NTP service failed. The resultant clock drift caused our Dovecot mail service to shut itself down to protect email. The service was restored within 15 minutes. CSE's IT group is analyzing the NTP anomaly.
CSE Print Server - reboot
Rebooting Sportster the CSE print server for updates.
Distinguished Lecture Available On-Line
CMU Professor Takeo Kanade's October 6th presentation entitled "Complete Tracking of Migrating and Proliferating Cells in Live Microscopy Imagery for Engineering Individual Cells" is available for viewing on CSE's web site.
CSE Colloquia Recordings Available On-line
CSE's IT announces a new service for capturing and viewing CSE Colloquia and similar events. The first such recording is Dr. Yanxi Liu's colloquium entitled "Computational Symmetry", recorded Friday September 12, 2008. It can be accessed in the "Events" folder on CSE's new web site (look for the link to "Recorded Events").
CSE File Server Reboot Tonight 9/15/08 at 11:30PM
Last week's upgrades included new RedHat kernal. The new kernal appears to have a problematic lock manager. CSE's IT team will reboot the file server tonight at 11:30PM to downgrade the RedHat version to the last known stable kernal (the kernal we had in place prior to last Monday). We will continue to work with RedHat to resolve the matter with the newer kernal. Please reboot your workstation(s) when you return to work Tuesday morning to restore connections/mounts to the file server.
Inti and Surya back online
The clusters have been restored to service.
Clusters down (inti and surya)
Cluster outage for the upgrade cluster authentication.
OS Upgrade planned for Eru
Eru will undergo an upgrade from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10. The system will be taken down on August 20 to do the upgrade.
220 Lab to continue using Windows XP for Fall 2008 semester.
Printer LJ337 back in service
Printer LJ337 back in service
HVAC Preventive Maintenance Schedule for June 29, 2008
OPP will be performing preventive maintenance procedures on all of the air handlers in the IST Building between 2PM and 10PM today, June 29. To lessen the overall impact, OPP will rotate through the air handlers one-at-a-time. You may notice some warm-up in your offices but the effect should last less than an hour. As always, IT will closely monitor the conditions in the Computing Machine Room. Should the temperatures rise above a safe threshold, we will preemptively shut down non-critical systems until CMR temperatures drop. -jd
6/27/08 Cooling restored.
Inti, Surya, and Mufasa clusters back on line.
CMR Cooling Problems and Cluster shutdown.
Opp is experiencing problems with the chiller system supplying cold water to the CMR. Several clusters needed to be shut down to keep the CMR at safe tempretures
6-22-08 Power and Cooling outage
Emergency Shutdown of clusters due to power and cooling loss
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