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Padma Raghavan

PadmaDr. Padma Raghavan is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University and also the Director of the Institute for CyberScience at Penn State and an Affiliate Professor of Information Science and Technology. Dr. Raghavan conducts research in the areas of high-performance computing and computational science.  Her contributions concern sparsity as a unifying abstraction from computational science to computer architecture, toward increasing computational performance by constant factors to orders of magnitude.  She pioneered the development of parallel “sparse algorithms” that derive from and operate on compact yet accurate representation of high dimensional data, complex models, and computed results.  She has developed parallel sparse linear solvers that limit the growth of computational costs and utilize the concurrent computing capability of supercomputer hardware to enable the solution of complex large-scale modeling and simulation problems that are otherwise beyond reach.  Dr. Raghavan was also among the first to propose the design of energy-efficient supercomputing systems by combining results from sparse scientific computing with energy-aware hardware optimizations used for small-embedded computers. Dr. Raghavan serves as an Associate Editor for the SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing. Associate Editor and the SIAM series on Computational Science and Engineering.  In addition to serving as co-chair of the 2011 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, she serves on various advisory boards including Computation Directorate of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Blue Waters Petascale Computing at the University of Illinois, the NSF-OCI Taskforce on Software Infrastructure, and the National Academies Panel on Digitization and Communication Science. She received her PhD in Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University and served as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville prior to joining to Penn State in 2000 as an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. 

Kamesh Madduri

Dr. Kamesh Madduri is an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department at The Pennsylvania State University. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Computing in 2008, and was previously a Luis W. Alvarez postdoctoral fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is interested in all aspects of high-performance computing for solving informatics and scientific data analysis challenges, including the design of new scalable methods, parallel algorithm design, performance studies on emerging hardware platforms, and developing high-performance software systems. He was awarded the first Junior Scientist prize from the SIAM Activity group on Supercomputing (2010), an Outstanding Graduate Research Assistantship award from Georgia Tech's College of Computing (2008), and the NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program Fellowship (2006-08).

Graduate Students

Joshua Booth

Shad Kirmani

Humayan Kabir

Paul Philip

Jeonghyung Park


Thap Panitanarak

George Slota




Rabah Alzaidy

Sai Chirravuri

Alumni of the lab

  • Dr. Sanjukta Bhowmick (Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska at Omaha) [bio]
  • Dr. Keita Teranishi (Cray Inc) [bio]
  • Dr. Ingyu Lee (Assistant Professor at Troy University) [bio] 
  • Dr. Sayaka Akioka (Associate Professor at Waseda University)
  • Dr. Konrad Malkowski (Mathworks) [bio]
  • Dr. Anirban Chatterjee (Mathworks)
  • Dr. Manu Shantharam (Post Doc at University of Utah)
  • Dr. Michael Frasca (Microsoft)


  • Anusha Sriraman (Google)
  • Archana Visvanath (Goldman Sachs)
  • Kelly Fermoyle (Seagate)
  • Sowmyalatha Srinivasmurthy (Intel)


  • Nicholas Voshell (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Jun Sun (MS in Computer Sceince and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ivana Veljkovic
  • David Cairns
  • Ihsan Gin
  • Chuang Li
  • A. Shaffer
  • J. Johnson
  • B. Toth
  • B. Cover
  • S. Poku
  • X. Ding
  • W. Stevenson
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