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Grants in Progress

Completed Grants

  • National Science Foundation, Center for Computational Materials Design (IIP-0541674)Z. K. Liu, L. Q. Chen, J. Kubucki, P. Raghavan and J. Sofo
  • National Science Foundation, CISE CCF Theoretical Foundations, Toward a Linear Time Sparse Solver with Locality-Enhanced Scalable Parallelism, P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, CISE HECURA program, Collaborative Research: Achieving End-to-End QoS in the I/O Stack on Petascale Multiprocessors, M. Kandemir, P. Raghavan, J. Dennis and Q. Wang
  • National Science Foundation, Major Research Instrumentation Program,MRI Acquisition of A Scalable Instrument for Discovery through Computing, P. Raghavan, L. Q. Chen, P. J. Hudson, M. T. Kandemir and B. K. Smith,  S. Shontz
  • National Science Foundation, CISE-Computer Systems Research, Model-Driven Multilevel Analysis and Optimization of Multicomponent Computer Systems, P. Raghavan, M. J. Irwin, M. Kandemir, J. Li and S. Shontz
  • Maryland Procurement Office (DoD), CMP Optimizations- Parts I & II, P. Raghavan
  • IBM, SUR grant (hardware, Cell Blade) Toward a Parallel Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients Sparse Solver for the Cell Processor, P. Raghavan, V. Agarwala and J. Nucciarone
  • National Science Foundation, Adaptive Software for Extreme-Scale Scientific Computing: Co-Managing Quality-Performance-Power Tradeoffs (CCF-0444345), P. Raghavan, M. J. Irwin (Co-PI), L. C. McInnes and B. Norris (collaborators)
    – Research Experience for Undergraduates Supplement
    – National Science Foundation, A Set ofMulti-Tiered Interventions at Critical Pipeline Stages: Broadening Participation in Computing Supplement
  • National Science Foundation, Grant to Support Activities at the Eleventh SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (CCF-0340869), San Francisco, CA, February 2004, P. Raghavan (conference Co-Chair)
  • National Science Foundation, Information Technology Research ‘medium’ award, ITR: Computational Tools For Multicomponent Materials Design (DMR-0205232), Z. K. Liu, L. Q. Chen, P. Raghavan and Q. Du
  • National Science Foundation, Information Technology Research ‘small’ award, ITR: Large Scale Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Nanomechanics (EIA-0221916), M. Menon and P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, (I3C): An Infrastructure for Innovation in Information Computing (CNS-0102007), C.Das, R.Acharya, L. Giles,M. J. Irwin and P. Raghavan
  • Department of Energy, SciDac Terascale Optimal PDE Simulation: An Enabling Technology Center, multi-site project lead by D. Keyes, subcontract from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, P. Raghavan
  • Argonne National Laboratory (Department of Energy) and the University of Chicago, The Maria Goeppert-Mayer Distinguished Scholar Award, P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, Robust Limited Memory Hybrid Sparse Solvers (0102537), P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, Fabrication of Fullerene Based Novel Molecular Electronic Devices Using Quantum Mechanical Simulations, M. Menon and P. Raghavan
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), An Efficient Scheme for Updating Sparse Cholesky Factors, P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, A Study of an Automated Development Environment for Parallel Computing with Reconfigurable Processing Elements, M. A. Langston, P. Raghavan and D. W. Bouldin
  • The University of Tennessee (SARIF Equipment and Infrastructure Fund), A Linux-Based Parallel Computing Cluster for Computational Chemistry Algorithm Design, R. J. Hinde and P. Raghavan, instrumentation
  • National Science Foundation, SInRG: A Scalable Intracampus Research Grid, J. J. Dongarra, M. D. Beck, M. W. Berry, J. Gregor and M. A. Langston, $1,751,088, 2000–2005. Completed, senior-personnel. 
  • National Science Foundation, Enabling Technology for High-Performance Heterogeneous Clusters, J. J. Dongarra, P. Raghavan and J. S. Plank
  • National Science Foundation, Scalable Sparse Solvers, P. Raghavan
  • National Science Foundation, High-Performance ATM Network, M. W. Berry, J. Gregor, M. T. Jones, J. S. Plank and P. Raghavan
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Portable Parallel Preconditioning, J. G. Gilbert, E. G. Ng, B. W. Peyton and P. Raghavan
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Scalable Libraries, multi-site project lead by J. J. Dongarra, subcontract to P. Raghavan, from the Sparse Direct Solvers component directed by M. T. Heath
  • National Science Foundation, Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations, P. Raghavan, CAREER award
  • Office of Naval Research, Summer Faculty Fellowship, S. Shontz.
  • Penn State Institute for Cyberscience, Computational Modeling, Simulation, and Validation of Blood Clot  Entrapment by Inferior Vena Cava Filters, S. Shontz, K. Manning, F. Lynch, R. Medvitz.
  • Penn State Grace Woodward Foundation, Trapping Blood Clots:  Modeling and Simulation of Optimal Inferior Vena Cava Filters, S. Shontz, F. Lynch, M. Singer.
  • National Science Foundation, CPATH:  CDP:  Integrating Biology and Computing: Empowering Future Computer
    Engineers, V. Narayanan, R. Acharya, R. Albert, A. Lesk, J. Irwin. (S. Shontz; Senior Personnel).
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